60+ Faith and Spirituality Movies On Netflix

I am a fan of watching as many wholesome movies with my family as I can. One thing that has always bothered me was not being able to easily find family friendly movies or shows to watch with the kids on Netflix. I’ve found that this is a concern for many of the people I talk with too. I decided it made sense to share with you some of the faith and spirituality movies that are available on Netflix and how you can easily find them too.

Faith and Spirituality Movies on Netflix

Movies We’ve Watched & Reviewed

23 Blast (click on the link to read my full review of this movie.)

Once I Was a Beehive – The kids and I watched this movie last night and it was filled with loads of comedy and loving advice all at the same time.

What If – I remember watching this movie, but it’s not one that sticks with you a lot.

Heart of Country – I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, but it’s not overly for kids.

Catching Faith – (click on the link to read my full review of this movie.)

Confession of A Prodigal Son – (click the link to read my full review of this movie)

Unconditional – This is a movie that will shake you up and fill you full of faith.

Ring The Bell – (click the link to read my full review of this movie.)

Raising Izzie(Click the link to read my full review of this movie.)

Camp – (Click the link to read my full review of this movie.)

A Long Way Off – This movie is a bit slow, but it’s worth watching.

The IdenticalClick the link to read my full review of this movie.


Our To Watch List

Little Boy

Heaven’s Door

WWJD11 -The Woodcarver

A Matter of Faith

Camp Harlow

In The Name of God

Let the Church Say Amen

New Hope

Son of God



Mercy Rule

Somebody’s Chid

The Book of Esther

The Gospel of John


Last Ounce of Courage

Mysterious Ways

Brother White

Christmas Angel

Apostle Peter and the Last Supper

More than Chance

Loving the Bad Man

Turn Around Jake


Cross in the Road

The Encounter Paradise Lost

Christmas on Salvation Street

The Story of Ruth


Jerusalem Countdown

One Hit From Home

The Magdalene Sisters

Black Rider Revelation Road

The Father’s Love

Rumors of Wars

Revelation Road

Apostles of Comedy

The Robe

The Keys of the Kingdom


A Mother’s Love

Mission Air

The Saratov Approach


Church Girl

Will a Man Rob God?

The Freedom of Silence

God’s Precious Jewels

The Wise Kids

The Jewish Cardinal

Who Did I Marry?

The Gospel Road

This is the full list of faith and spirituality movies on Netflix right now. If you want to get them directly you can use http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/52804.

Which of these movies sounds the most appealing to you? 



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    • I do too. It makes having family movie night more enjoyable.

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  1. I’m a mom of three with two ???? dogs in Florence SC, I suffer from terminal adrenal insufficiency, Lupus, spinal stenosis and hypertension with sinus tachycardia. We also ???? homeschool. Two are in college and one in tenth grade. Thank God I’ve been given a great support system. As time has passed I’m worn out, your post have been up lifting and a blessing that always seem to show up at the right time. When everyone is finally settled in for the night my pain sets in. Your app on Netflix movies has been a blessing over the pain. One of my favorites is, “A Long Way Home”. Thank you for putting a list together, I have it locked on my tablet. Between the movies and Bible Journaling I feel such a sense of freedom, of release of the illness, depression, fear, uncertainty, worry and pain. Yes, even Believers are humans and have there moments. Thank you, May God Bless you and give you strength as God uses you to pass it on to use. May He always keep you tightly in His Mighty Arms. Hang Tough, Kimberly

    • I’d love ❤️ to see how close we all live together in South Carlonia if that’s allowed? I can’t think of a cool uplifting night than to have a celebration movie night. A little selfish on my part, sorry.

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