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Let me say just how pleased we are to have you come to visit our little neck of the big Internet world. It is our mission to “share our experiences so you can make the most of yours.”  We have plenty of life lessons that we’ve learned throughout our lives that we feel can help you make your life better. We hope you’ll also share some of your life experiences with us in our comments section so that others may learn from it too.

Who We Are:

In a nutshell, we are just a bunch of crazy country bumpkins who love our latest technology toys. We are big into movies and checking out new TV shows. We also like to get outside and climb trees, go for long nature walks locally and enjoy our family bike rides. Dale does woodworking using the excess pallets that we get from our family business.

Marriage For Life:

I’m a firm believer in a marriage lasting for a lifetime, even though I have personally lived through two divorces of my own. However, even though I’ve gone through those divorces, I have learned a LOT about what a marriage should have in it through many different resources through the years. I wanted to ensure I learned from my mistakes. Not to mention, I am finally married to my true love. Be sure to check out some of our favourite marriage tips posts by clicking on this image.

Homeschooling Family

We do homeschool our lovely son. It makes life interesting and entertaining, to say the least. So, I have a lot to say on the subject and parenting as a whole. I’m NOT a perfect mother by any means, and I never will be. Many stated that I’m overly strict and too much of a helicopter parent. I’d much rather be overly protective and too strict than, not give my kids a fighting chance at having a real-life when they become an adult.

Meet The Man of The House

Dale loves to cover video game reviews and anything video game-related. He also likes to ensure that he gives a man perspective on many of the tough topics that most men are afraid to talk about out loud. There are also times he just needs to share something he thought was funny.

Meet the Women of the House

Crystal also shares some of the top blogging tips that she finds across the Internet when she has enough to share on her #BloggingTidbits posts. Sometimes, those tidbits are also about how to make money from home or make your life easier. Those are honestly some of her favourite posts to write. If you have a blogging question or some other question, you would like answered, please shoot her an email using this form.

She does try to do book reviews as well. However, she has found that the pressure, of having a book thoroughly read by the end of the week, was getting to be a bit much. She slowed down on the book reviews that are through another company or the author’s themselves. She wants to have book reading as a pleasure still because it is one of her favorite things to do besides write. She will still be doing book reviews on Sundays as much as possible, but it will be on her terms and in her way.

Learn about the Kids

Our son is very tech-savvy. He loves to do many educational programs online. According to him, “it helps make learning fun.” He is a huge soccer fan. He also loves a good kid’s movie. He enjoys as much time outside as the weather permits. He is not camera shy nor is he afraid to voice his opinions on all things.


If you’re looking for a combination of many different topics from a real Southern down to earth family who is NOT afraid to discuss almost ANYTHING then we look forward to us getting to know one another. We do generally respond to all comments within three days of you making them. (Sometimes life causes us to have to respond in spurts, but we treasure getting to know you through the comments.)

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Here’s to sharing our life experiences one blog post at a time with you in hopes that you’ll share some of yours with us too.