11 Tips for Preventing a Truck Wreck

There are more than 4 million semi-trucks on American roads at any given moment. You should do your absolute best to steer clear of them at all costs to avoid getting into a truck wreck.

Unfortunately, some truck wrecks are going to be unavoidable. But there are some steps you might be able to take to reduce your chances of ever being involved in a truck accident.

We will provide you with some safe driving tips that should reduce the chances of you getting into a trucking accident. Check out the 11 below and begin putting them to good use immediately.

1. Stay Away From Trucks Whenever Possible

Since there are so many trucks out on the road today, it will be virtually impossible to avoid all of them. But you should try not to drive anywhere close to trucks when you can. This alone will help you avoid getting into a truck wreck anytime soon.

If you see a truck up ahead, that’s driving slow; you should safely pass it (more on this in a moment!) and leave it in your dust. If you see a truck behind you coming up fast, you should let it pass you and leave you behind.

Either way, it’s best not to spend too much time near trucks. The more you stay close to them, the greater the odds of you getting into a truck wreck.

2. Hang Back When You’re Behind a Truck

Generally speaking, you should try not to tailgate any vehicles when you’re out on the road. If a vehicle stops suddenly and you’re right behind it, you may end up running into the back of it.

You should be especially cautious when you’re behind a truck. The last thing you want to do is tailgate one and crash into the back if it tries to stop on a dime.

Leave at least a few car lengths between you and a truck that’s in front of you. That should give you plenty of space to stop if you have to.

3. Try Not Ever to Cut Off a Truck

Trucks aren’t able to come to a complete stop as quickly as most other vehicles can. It can take a long time for a truck driver to stop a truck, even if they attempt to slam on the brakes.

What does this mean for you? Well, it means that you aren’t going to want to cut a truck off and then have to stop suddenly. If you’re going to get in front of a truck, you should see to it that there will be lots of space in between your vehicle and the truck.

By doing this, you’ll give yourself room to brake without having to worry about a truck slamming into the back of you. This could result in you sustaining bad injuries and your car getting totaled.

4. Stay Out of a Truck’s Blind Spots

Every vehicle on the road has at least a few blind spots. But trucks have way more blind spots than cars do.

If, for example, you’re driving directly behind a truck, a trucker might not even know you’re there. They also might lose sight of you if you’re sitting on the side of them.

With these things in mind, you will want to work hard to stay out of a truck’s blind spots. Otherwise, you might get into a truck wreck simply because a trucker couldn’t see your car because of its position.

5. Pass a Truck Quickly If You’re Going to Do It

Passing a truck can be a nerve-racking experience for many people. As a result, they’ll sometimes creep up next to a truck very slowly when they’re trying to pass it.

This isn’t the best way to go about passing a truck. Instead, you should seek to do it as fast as you can so that you can get it over and done within just a few seconds.

You’re going to spend at least a few split seconds in a truck’s blind spot when you’re passing it. But as long as you pass it quickly, you shouldn’t have to worry about it leading to a truck wreck.

6. Allow a Truck to Pass You When Necessary

If you’re going the speed limit or a little above it out on the road, there shouldn’t be too many truckers who will try to pass you. Most of them are going to make sure they’re doing the speed limit or just below it to maintain control of their trucks.

But if you’re someone who drives on the slower side, you might find yourself in a situation where a truck will try to pass you at some point. You should let them do it and even consider slowing down a little more to allow them to pass you quicker than they would otherwise.

This is a great defensive driving skill for anyone who is scared about getting into a truck wreck. Giving a truck the opportunity to pass you quickly will make them less of a risk to you.

7. Gives a Truck Room When It Turns

When a truck makes a turn, it will be a big production in most cases. Trucks tend to make much wider turns than other vehicles.

Because of this, you’re going to want to give a truck plenty of room on all sides to make a turn. You don’t want to get stuck in a place where you’ll be in a driver’s blind spot as they make a wide turn like this.

8. Make Predictable Moves Around a Truck

Truck drivers are some of the best drivers out on the road. Driving is their livelihood, so they’ll most likely go out of their way to keep themselves and others safe.

They will have a tough time doing this if you’re making all kinds of unpredictable moves on the road. If you’re always speeding up, slowing down, and changing lanes, it might confuse truck drivers around you.

When driving near any trucks, you should drive as predictably as possible. It’ll give truck drivers the time to make good decisions while driving, so you shouldn’t need to be concerned about an accidental truck wreck.

9. Avoid Distracted Driving When Near a Truck

About nine Americans are killed as a direct result of distracted driving every day. Almost 1,200 others are injured.

These statistics suggest why you should avoid distracted driving all the time and not just when you’re driving near trucks. But it’ll be even more important than usual to steer clear of distracted driving when there are trucks in the area.

Put your smartphone down while you’re driving, and avoid fiddling with your infotainment system too much. Keep your eyes on the road, and you’ll be a lot safer than you would be if you were distracted by other things.

10. Be Extra Careful Near a Truck in Inclement Weather

The chances of you being involved in a truck wreck are going to increase when the roads you’re driving on are slippery. It’s why you should pay close attention to what you’re doing when driving in inclement weather.

You should be on high alert if it’s raining, snowing, or even very cold outside, with a chance of icy roads. You should be more mindful than usual about staying away from trucks that could cause you to get into a crash.

11. Know What to Do After a Truck Wreck

Even if you adhere to all the advice we’ve given you here, you might still get into a truck wreck at some point. You should know what to do next if this ever occurs.

First and foremost, you’ll want to call the police and have them report to the scene. You’ll also want to seek medical treatment immediately and get evaluated for common truck injuries like broken bones, concussions, and whiplash.

Additionally, you’ll want to find truck accident legal representation ASAP. They’ll be able to help you file a claim in court connected to your truck wreck so that you can collect any compensation you might deserve.

Take the Right Steps to Avoid Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are some of the worst accidents that take place these days. Even a relatively minor truck wreck will do tons of damage to your car and result in you suffering catastrophic injuries.

Utilize the tips we’ve discussed here today to avoid truck wrecks as best you can. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to sharing the road with trucks.

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