The Identical Movie Review

We were given the chance to watch this movie in exchange for an honest blog review. That in no way shaped our opinion of this movie.

This review is done by my mother-in-law due to time constraints I couldn’t view the movie myself. She kindly offered to do it for me. These are her thoughts.

This was a heartfelt movie. All I can say is we need more Christian movies like these so that a family can be together and learn from them together. The start of this movie tore my heart out. Them having to lose children like that, I don’t know if I could have given one baby up just so the other could live. I try very hard to be a Christian and this would get anybody down.

Then I remember my raising and I am so glad I have my Lord with me. In order to save both boys one had to be sent away. Thank the Lord the one given away was given to a good home. The Lord works in strange ways.

This was a good true story telling both sides of each brother and in the end it all came together. The say twins know what the other feels and thinks. I tend to believe this is true. This movies shows that very well.

I’m so glad that Wade got to meet his mother even though at the time didn’t know she was his mother. In the end he also was raised from a good Christian home and thanked his father who raised him, but still got to meet his real father.

The best part of the movie for me was he sang his own songs. His wife who wasn’t able to have children was blessed with not only one child, but two.

I really think this is a great movie. I’m glad I got the chance to review it ahead of time.

You can watch this movie in theaters on September 5th. You can gain more information about the movie by visiting the movie’s website. You can also connect on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. This sounds wonderful, I want to see it! I have to check netflix and see if it’s available, it’s so hard to find good Christian movies (still awaiting the next Kendrick brothers release)


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