This Week Wholesome Movies

I’m pleased that I had the chance to watch two really wholesome movies with my kids.

Our Wild Hearts Movie Review

I’m still in the midst of watching this movie, but it speaks to my horse loving soul so much! This movie is about a 15 year old city girl who takes a chance and goes to Nevada to meet her Dad for the first time. He’s a cowboy well known for breaking horses the old fashioned way.

If you don’t know what the old fashioned way of training horses is, it’s being really aggressive and harsh to supposedly “tame” the horse. I’ve seen a few people attempt this method. Yes, it may work, but it doesn’t make for a good quality horse in my opinion.

Our Wild Hearts

Willow, the 15 year old girl, feels the same way I do that it’s better to build a lasting bond with a horse and gain their trust. I know for a fact that a horse that seems untamable really is able to be. (Now mind you, there are a few exceptions to every rule.) My Mom thought my horse wasn’t trainable and was ready to give up on him. I wouldn’t let her without a fight. I’m so utterly glad that I did fight for him.

I’ve found that horses with the most spirit really have the most love to give. That seems to be the case with people too in many ways. I have always picked horses with the most spirit, and it always amazed others how well they would do with me.

Our Wild Hearts is a great movie worth watching. It’s also a good family movie. If you love horses even a ¼ of as much as I do, then you’ll treasure this movie.

Rio 2 Movie Review

This Week Wholesome Movies

We’ve been eagerly awaiting this movie coming out on DVD. I would have loved to take the kids to see it in the theater, but we have to drive an hour one way to go to the theater.  Let’s not forget to mention the cost of seeing a movie in our society today.

Rio 2 has more of a musical feel to it all throughout the movie. I don’t remember Rio being mostly a musical. In fact, I remember it having some singing in it, but it wasn’t ¾ of the movie.Rio 2 makes me feel like it’s an animated musical from start to finish.

I must say the graphics are really nice. They are colorful and detailed. I love how they put everything in sync like a live musical would have been.

Both of these movies are great wholesome family movies worth watching together. I am glad that I had them ready to be sent to me from Netflix.

What are your thoughts on these movies? 


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