Who Says Women Are The Only Ones Who…

Who says women are the only ones who squeeze it in?

Throughout the years, I’ve watched Crystal’s body change a lot. As a result, I’ve seen her do the squeezing dance trying to stay in the same size jean that she’s currently in or even when she’s lost weight and she’s been overly eager to go back to a smaller size.

I’ve had to learn how to live with being 41 and overweight due to having major back issues lately.  Yet, I have no desire to keep increasing the size of my clothes until I have no choice but to do it. I’ve been doing the squeezing dance too. It made me realize that many men don’t admit to doing this.

I wanted to let it be known that weight issues is NOT just a women issue. Women are not the only one who deal with self-esteem and self-image issues. Men go through it too. We care just as much. We need encouragement and acceptance as well.

Yet, my wife and I are able to laugh about our body changes together because we know we are loved and we are in a very safe place in our marriage. I hope you enjoy getting a chuckle with us on this fine Monday morning.

At least I’m not having as hard of time putting my jeans on as this woman is in this cute little video. (Please note: you don’t need volume to enjoy it. There is ONE bad word possibly said in it.)

How many times have you had to the squeezing in dance lately? 




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Hi, I'm Dale. Some of the things I like to do are box, lift weights, and spend time with my beautiful wife Crystal. I also enjoy watching shows on Netflix or playing video games with my son when I can find some free time.

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  1. With the holidays approaching in the next few months, I know I’ll be doing this dance a little more often than I’d like. It’s good to know it affects many of us.

  2. I refuse to wear jeans right now while I’m “in transition” simply because I don’t want to stuff myself into ’em lol I’m all about the workout pants, yoga pants, capris and leggings 🙂

  3. I wear yoga pants and jammies so often that the squeezing in is a rarity. That’s probably not a good thing. I should do the squeeze test to keep me in check!

  4. I prefer comfortable, stretch clothes that don’t force me to squeeze it in. I still have to do it when I want to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans…you know, from that baby that is now 9 months old!

  5. thank god you feel our pain. LOL i’ve been known to use the rubberband trick, have you heard of that. it’s mostly for growing baby bellies.

  6. Ugh! I know the squeezing in thing ALL TOO WELL.

    I think it’s a common misconception that this sort of thing doesn’t bother men as much because they’re just so much more reticent to say anything about it, than women are. You’ve put an amusing spin on what more men than we probably assume, are going through.

    That video is hilarious!

    • I’m glad that I was able to break the ice to this topic for you and give you a bit of humor today.

  7. I lost count a long time ago. Glad to see we’re not the only one that struggle with fitting into our favorite jeans. Funny video though, thanks for sharing.

    • It is a cute video. I haven’t gone to those extremes either. The day I do is the day that I’ll be fasting big time.

  8. I’ve been losing weight but I’ve learned that it’s not worth squeezing it in. If you just go up the size you will look 10x more flattering. I just hate that when I go up I find a way to make them tight again. Vicious cycle lol

    • It is a vicious cycle for sure. You’re right that it is easier to go to a bigger size. But I definitely don’t want to go UP!

    • I’m glad that it helped to see a man’s perspective on this topic. You’d be amazed how many topics that women think they are alone on dealing with we struggle with too.

  9. I think it is easy to assume men don’t think about their figures as much as women do. Thanks for pointing this out. This is one time I am thankful for maternity pants. How old does your baby need to be before you can’t wear them anymore? Haha

  10. You are so right, men deal with self-image issues as well.. they;re just not quite as public about it as women but women are held up to a much more unrealistic standard of beauty than men are which is problem #1. As for the jean dance I personally avoid it all together because I refuse to put myself through that kind of torture. My weight fluctuates just like everyone else but I opt for dresses or more fluid pants that are a lot more forgiving rather than squeeze into something too tight and make myself miserable all day.


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