Me Over Weight At 41

First let me give you a little back story, at 16 I was 6ft 4 inches and weighed 175. For some reason, I stopped at 16 gaining weight and getting taller. I will NOT say I cared anything about calorie count, good for you, bad for you, or anything like that. If I liked to eat it, I ate and boy did I! When something said family size, that was my size ALONE. I continued to eat like this until I was 33 years old.

At this point in my life, I and the love of my life got back together. I changed my routine. I quit smoking for her, which is another story entirely. As my wife’s favorite comedian says, “She’s NOT fat, she’s Fluffy.” She is a nice cuddle Fluffy. So, she wanted to become less fluffy and we did let’s count calories. I did it with her because I was being supportive. Didn’t work for HER. For me, I started to put ON weight.

We tried switching from the normal ground chuck to turkey. We cut back on normal foods that I was always eat to what the general public says is healthier for you, and I gained more weight. She stayed about the same.

We went through diet pills and supplements. You named it, we’ve tried it over the years. Her weight goes up and down. Mine just goes on a steady INCLINE.

How I Became Over Weight 

To let you know how it’s inclined, for the first five years of our marriage I stayed very active, but my waist sized gained 2 inches a year. Now 2013, my health started to declined. I have not been able to be as physical as I use to be by throwing pallets, cutting grass as much as I use too, doing my wood working, and rearranging my house all the time. Yet, my weight not took a dramatic increase. It’s been a steady increase in gain since. I have become an over weight man at 41.

Quit Smoking Gain Weight

I know what a lot of people say, “Quit smoking and you gain weight.” But even quitting smoking, eating what people consider healthy foods, and being physically active I still gained weight. My wife ate the same things and never smoked, she had three kids, and has not been able to do anything the weight except for a 10-15 weight differential EXCEPT when she was pregnant with our last child where she lost 45 pounds. After she delivered she gained it right eating the same food while she was pregnant, and she even exercised more to keep the weight off. It didn’t help. She went back to her average weight that she was weighing and stopped.

Marriage and Weight Gain 

People also say that when you get married and you’re happy you can put on weight. If that is the case, I’m in heaven already, but I’d like a little hell. I can’t keep growing. They don’t make pants readily accessible in my pant size now. If I keep increasing in happiness, I’m going to be out of luck.

Has your significant other gained weight since you’ve been married? 




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Hi, I'm Dale. Some of the things I like to do are box, lift weights, and spend time with my beautiful wife Crystal. I also enjoy watching shows on Netflix or playing video games with my son when I can find some free time.

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  1. After two kids I have 20 extra pounds I’d like to lose. It has been a journey. I am learning to eat less, eat healthier and now I just need to move more! It’s really a lifestyle change for me.

    Good luck on your weight loss journey!

  2. I lost all of the three kids in three years weight and then Graduate school did me in weight wise. I need to lose what I put then and in the past year. :/

  3. I found it easy to lose until I hit 40, it seems like my metabolism slowed down a lot. My husband has gained too, we are trying to exercise together to at least stay fit.

    • My wife has been struggling to lose her weight for years, but I’ve seen her trying to make it happen. She does well for a period and then it jumps right back on her almost overnight.

  4. I’m sorry you feel overweight 🙁

    I’m not a weight loss consultant or anything but I what I did to lose weight was partner up with my husband and start walking every single night in the evening. We also in the beginning eliminated grains, boxed foods, processed foods and sugar of any kind. We ate only lean meats, lots of vegetables and fruits, nuts and lentils. It was hard for two days and then it got a lot easier. I made things like chicken lentil soup from scratch with lots of veggies because real homemade broth is so healing on your digestive tract when you are trying to lose weight. We take probiotics every single day, we get them at Trader Joes, its a acidophilus-probiotic complex, that helps clean out your insides (gently and naturally). Drink lots and lots and lots of water. We’ve managed to lose a lot of weight. You could get a Vitamix or powerful blender and make vegetable and fruit smoothies every single day, that really helped us out a lot I think too.

    I hope you get it worked out, its tough not feeling your best, I know but you can do it!! You can!!


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