Our Fall Bucket List

Tomorrow marks the beginning of FALL. Have I expressed how much I love the fall season? It is the one season in which I get to do a LOT with my kids. We have a lot of fun together both at home and away. It’s even the time of year when we get Del to go with us to some other events too. There are many things that are automatically on our fall bucket list each year. This year though I hope to add some things that I’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t done yet. Don’t skip over the obvious ones because within each paragraph is a way to make it more unique even if you’ve done them with your family every year yourself.

Here is our Fall Bucket List for 2014:

1.) Go to corn mazes. We love going to REAL corn mazes where we can literally get lost trying to find out our way out. Last year, Jimmy and I found a corn maze that is held at night, and that made for a LOT of fun for the two of us. (Especially since we were sneaking to do it! There’s something about the risk of being caught when you go do something that just adds to the fun factor for me. Considering it wasn’t something that was illegal or terrible, I didn’t mind him thinking we didn’t want to get caught.) Don’t let the rain stop you from doing a corn maze because it’s even more fun in the rain.

2.) Hayrides are a must. Hayrides are something that is a must do each year for us. I’ve done them in many different ways throughout my life. However, the best hayrides are the ones where a horse is pulling the wagon. (Of course, I may be a bit biased on that due to my love of horses.) Another favorite is to ride one while on a haunted trail. There was an amazing one in Columbia, SC one year.

3.) Haunted Houses. I’m not a huge fan of these, but my kids certainly are. This has become something I have to endure for them. Two of my kids laugh their way through them and one of my kids (not the one you really expect) screams and squeals their way throughout it. I think the way to make these more fun is when you’re dressed up in costume you try and scare those who are doing it to you first.

4.) Fall Crafts. My mother-in-law is planning a lot of crafts now that she knows she gets to share them on the blog. We currently have a few that are planned to be shared with you in the coming weeks. It’s nice to know that we have some really fun ones lined up from our searches on Pinterest.

5.) Take fall pictures. Now that I’m using a camera that takes better pictures, I really want to take some really awesome fall pictures. I want to capture the changing of the leaves, the fall skies, and my kids in all of these settings.

What are some things that we should add to our short fall bucket list?




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  1. I’m all about the haunted house, 13 nights of halloween on abc family, and fall and halloween crafts. That’s my bucket list for sure.


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