Tips to Avoid Outdated Design Themes in Your House

It’s easy to fall into the trap of decorating a space with all of the adorable ceramic barnyard chickens or other collectibles you have. Coming in different shapes, textures and sizes, you want these objects to know you love and appreciate them (this is what is known as Toy Story Syndrome) and that they have a permanent place in your home.

The thing is, some of these “collector’s items” can really put a cramp in your design aesthetic. Do you remember visiting your Grandmother’s house and getting lost in her enchanting under-the-sea bathroom? Maybe your mom was obsessed with the French Country aesthetic, but all that really meant was putting wooden apples in an assortment of bowls around the house. The point is, it looked kitschy. You promised yourself that you weren’t going to design your rooms by theme, but if your Star Wars memorabilia has anything to show for itself, you already have.

Here are six tips to make sure you don’t commit design suicide, and that your modern skirting board matches everything else in your home.

Tip #1: Don’t try to match everything.

Probably the biggest mistake most new homeowners make is trying to match the décor in every room. If they have a charcoal sofa, they’re going to try and find a black coffee table and matching end tables. The throw pillows will be light gray, the rug some sort of mixture in between. This makes for a very boring and bland space. You’ll want to mix and match your design aesthetic. So if you do have a charcoal sofa, try adding bright mustard throw pillows and make the coffee table a live-edge statement piece.

Tip #2: Space your items out.

Collections equal clutter. No doubt you’re proud of the collection you’re building, but if it’s all piled together, you risk making your space look like a hoarder’s treasure trove. You can still continue to showcase your anthology in the same room, just not all on the same shelf or in the same corner. By spacing it out, you will create a more dynamic space with eye-line points set at different areas of the room.

Tip #3: DO mix and Match Furniture Stylings.

For whatever the reason, we’ve been taught that we must stick with the same furniture design in every room, this isn’t true. Mixing and matching furniture designs makes the space more active and visually stimulating. Looked at in another way, if you have a velvet-fainting couch combined with a glass top coffee table, consider a pairing with the Fritz Hansen Space Swivel Chair. By combining these different styles, you are showing your eclectic sense of style and your know-how in interior design.

Tip #4: Do NOT get fake plants.

Fake plants are just expensive dust collectors. They rarely look real and they do nothing to improve the air quality or psychological well-being in your space. If you do decide to get a plant, get a real one!

Tip #5: Don’t decorate with outdated trends.

There’s a reason you don’t see doilies and macramé anymore: because they have gone out of style! Has anyone ever told you that you have “grandma style?” It’s not a compliment. It means your style is outdated and old. Before you grab and purchase an item to adorn your home, ask yourself this: could I find this in a grandmother’s house? If the answer is yes, put it down, and walk away.

Tip #6: Be selective about wallpaper.

Bright and bold wallpaper might look good during the summer months, but it could also look overwrought and cheap once winter comes along. Make sure that the wallpaper you choose looks good in all types of lighting and is a color you can live happily with day in and day out.

By following these tips, you should have no trouble making your space look sharp and sophisticated!



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