How to Enjoy Australia by Car

Australia is a large and incredibly diverse country with attractions that are quite spread out. Whether you’re a native or visiting from far away, traveling by car gives you the ability to appreciate the unique beauty of this land. I discovered this on a recent two-week trip with my family. At first, we thought we might just explore Sydney and surrounding areas relying on public transportation and taxis. We soon realized, however, that if we really wanted to do some serious exploring, we’d need our own transportation. Rental cars are the best way to enjoy this freedom.

Adventures in the City

We spent a little time in both Sydney and Melbourne. While both cities have more than adequate public transportation, it’s so much more convenient to have your own car. This is especially true if you’re traveling with a family. For example, when we were staying in Sydney we wanted to visit the beach as often as possible. It was so easy to pack the car and drive with our two young children to beautiful spots such as Bondi and Manly beaches.

One of the most pleasant days of our trip was spent in Melbourne Botanical Gardens. This is a beautiful and tranquil spot right in the middle of the city. We spend an entire afternoon here, observing the incredible diversity of plants and flowers. Much of the day, however, was spent simply lounging around and watching the river while the kids played frisbee. Simple day trips such as this are so much easier when you have your own car. You can bring towels, food, changes of clothes and toys for the kids.

Our Road Trip

While we thoroughly enjoyed the cities, we also wanted to explore some of Australia’s famous national parks and rugged countryside. For this kind of adventure, a car is essential. We flew from Sydney to Cairns in Queensland and immediately investigated rental cars to find the ideal vehicle for our road trip. We chose a sturdy and spacious SUV with ample space for the family and our gear.

Photo by Leonard J Mathews

We set out on the famous Savannah Way, which extends all the way to Broome in Western Australia. We didn’t drive that far, opting to spend most our time exploring the outback in Queensland. One of the highlights of our road trip was Millaa Millaa Falls, where we went swimming as well as admired the incredible waterfalls. We also visited Diamantina National Park, known for its amazing sand dunes and diversity of wildlife, especially birds. We especially enjoyed camping out here for two nights and taking in the spectacular sunsets.

The Advantages of Seeing Australia by Car

We only had time to see a small portion of this vast country. Based on our experience, however, I highly recommend visiting Australia the first chance you get. I also recommend looking into rental cars as a way to see as much as possible. With so much to explore, having your own transportation really makes a big difference. Everything is within reach and you have the freedom to come and go at your own pace.




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