Raising Bilingual Children by Translating Their Favorite Books

Every parent wants their child to succeed, and thanks to studies in childhood development, we have more information than ever on how to do that. One of the great advantages we can give our kids from a young age is to raise them to be bilingual. This can be difficult, especially if we, as parents, do not speak a second language. Still, numerous studies and articles have demonstrated time and time again the benefits to raising a bilingual child, so it’s certainly worth the effort.

If we are unable to expose our children to native speakers of a second language, the next best way to introduce anyone of any age to a second language is through media such as websites, books, television, and radio. Furthermore, our kids will most likely find maximum engagement in a second language through books and media they already enjoy, but it can be difficult to find a translation of their favorite books, especially if you’re looking for a more obscure language.

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In this case, a translation agency can be of great service. The benefit of using professional translation services is that you know that you will receive high-quality translations for your child, which is vital to the learning process. A translation agency like PoliLingua can translate your child’s favorite stories into a wide variety of languages.

All of PoliLingua’s supported languages will not only enhance your child’s brain development from a young age, they will also give your child a boost in future educational and professional settings through their ability to work in multicultural and multilingual settings. Scholarships abound for bilingual students, and language tests can often give students a leg up in the college admissions process, which is an increasingly competitive landscape. In turn, being bilingual can greatly boost your child’s future career. Fortunately, PoliLingua’s supported languages include the most sought after in the job market:

  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin

Finally, if you want to encourage your child’s brain development without placing so much emphasis on their future, you could have your child’s books translated to the language of your ancestors. Many families, especially in the United States, have immigrated from elsewhere, but have lost parts of their cultural roots. Using professional translation services can help your child revive your family’s culture, but it can also help you get in touch with your past, which can be a bonding experience for everyone involved.




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