10 Reasons I love Netflix

This is a sponsored post by Netflix. However, all opinions are my own. I have been a Netflix user for MANY years now! 

I was asked not too long ago in one of my groups on Facebook whether or not Netflix was worth really getting. It was hard to hold back my surprise that she didn’t already know the answer to that question because Netflix is everywhere and, honestly, one of the most talked about Entertainment systems there is. Netflix gives you A LOT for your money!!

Here are TEN Reasons Why I Love Netflix:

1.) You have the option of getting DVDs in the mail or online streaming OR BOTH.

2.) It gives you suggested movies based on your preferences.

3.) You can create personal profiles so that everyone can pick up where they left off on their shows without it interrupting someone else watching the same shows on their accounts.

4.) You can watch it anywhere, just about. (We have ours on our PS3, Wii U, our computers, the kid’s Kindles, Del’s iPad, and so many other of our devices.)

5.) Multiple people can be watching different shows at the same time (provided your Internet can hold up to that type of viewing.)

6.) There is PLENTY of current series on there to watch.

7.) There is a wide selection of throwback series and movies available to watch too.

8.) They have a wide range of pricing packages available, so it’s affordable for almost everyone.

9.) They have many educational shows in their listings, so it’s helpful in homeschooling your kids.

10.) Netflix is striving to be your entertainment resource, and they are always striving to improve their service. They offer excellent customer service.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again with Netflix, I could literally do away with our Directv service without any hesitation, provided we had unlimited high-speed Internet! (We are working really hard to get that in our home and for our businesses!) Many more reasons come to mind for why I love Netflix, but these are just the top ten.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, what are some of the reasons why you love it?

If you haven’t tried it yet, what is holding you back?



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  1. I commented on your “Need for Speed Movie Review #NSFMovie” post! I’m hoping to stream it on Amazon soon!

  2. My hubby wants to join but these reasons just make me agree even more with him. The price is great and the selection is incredible.


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