The Engagement Ring Is Only The Beginning

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All of these engagement rings along with their price tags are all quite astounding to say the least. I know many men have no way of ever beginning to come close to being able to afford these types of rings for their prospective wives. The good news though is the engagement ring is only the beginning of the lifelong relationship.

It took us five years of being married before we were able to get the ring I truly wanted on my hand. However, in his defense he’s bought me MANY rings over the years, and I’ve always manage to lose a stone out of it or bend the band up to the point that it was almost unrecognizable. However, when he got my ring I’ve always dreamed of, I cried those happy tears. I still look at it in total amazement.

Yet, even though I have the ring I’ve always longed for, I am aware that the ring is only the beginning of our lifelong relationship. A lifetime is a LONG time to be with the same person. There are times when we literally have to find a way to get that same shine back in our marriage that was on my engagement rings when we bought them.

We strive to maintain having a date night out at least once a month if we can afford it. However, honestly that doesn’t happen as much as it used to since we now have three little ones to tend to. Zeva is too much of a Momma’s girl to be away from me long. So, we have to find other ways to keep the spice alive in our marriage.

We literally locked ourselves in our laundry room the other day and had a nice teenager lover’s moment. It was remarkable, and when I think about it now, I still feel those wonderful chills throughout my body. Then we went to finding other ways we could sneak in those special moments. However, sex isn’t the only thing that keeps our marriage alive with a passion.

My husband and I don’t leave each other without giving each other a kiss. We often block each other in passing to get those little kisses. We hold hands often (well, when the kids give us the chance to do it, but we do have three jelly poos for kids!) We also make darn certain we make time to have communication. We make time to have a few routines that we do together (and our kids respect that and cherish the fact that we do what it takes to keep our marriage thriving.)

There really is no greater feeling for me than to hear my kids tell me, “I know you and Daddy will work things out because you love each other to much to not do it.” As the product of divorced parents and going through my own set of divorces, this gives me a lot of pride. I want my kids to know that their parents are married for the long haul.

The small things add up quickly. The nagging can drain a marital bliss. Not appreciating what your spouse does for you can also cause major havoc. So, I challenge you to appreciate all the small things that your spouse does to show you that they love you. I also recommend you do the The Love Dareir?t=tidbitofexp 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00BGEVWSI to add a bit more romance in your marriage today.

Remember to choose your engagement wisely, but also keep in mind it’s only the beginning.

Do you have any advice on how to keep your marriage shining throughout the years of marriage?





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10 comments on “The Engagement Ring Is Only The Beginning”

  1. That is really encouraging–that I am not the only one to have lost a ring, lost a stone, bent the ring…etc. Haha It is only the beginning! The little things that one does in the marriage like showing small moments of love are really important. I love how you two have small kisses! Very romantic and keeps the marriage alive. 🙂

    I have heard you mention the Love Dare quite often. I might have to try it out one of these days, see if our library has it. Thanks for sharing about how to keep marriages alive. It is too often that the kids get a lot of attention that by the time my husband gets home, I feel burnt out to pay attention to the small things that show him how much I appreciate him! I might have to block a path or two just to give him a few kisses myself!

    • Thank you for this compliment. I truly appreciate it. I have many wonderful blog posts listed on my Pinterest marriage board from some totally awesome bloggers that are also full of lots of great posts.

  2. I would say to keep your marriage shining throughout the years you need to forgive a lot and laugh a lot. My husband lost his wedding ring and I told him thats ok. I know whats in his heart and its there to stay! And to remember that a lot of times its literally worse in the for better or worse. Through the trials that tug on your marriage you can see the glass half full or empty and also make the lemonade when you get the lemons!

  3. I love my engagement ring (both for the meaning and as a lovely piece of jewelry), but I have to admit I’m constantly worried about losing it or something else bad happening to it!

    • Meg,
      I’m definitely worried about something happening to my ring now too. I’ve FINALLY got the one I’ve always wanted, and I feel like I have to treat it with kitten gloves. So far, it’s done rather well at riding out the life of motherhood. I do believe my heart would break if something happened to it.

  4. I think the ring says a lot about how much your prospective mate knows about you. My husband got me a unique looking ring that happened to be on clearance. I like a unique hot deal. Haha!

    I’m visiting from SITS. Nice to meet you!

    • That sounds awesome. Glad he made certain that he got the perfect ring for you. I am wearing my dream wedding set on my hand now, and it means so much to me. However, knowing that my husband is the one who gave it to me means far more than the ring itself.

  5. That was an interesting infographic!! Thanks for such a good post. I have the same diamond, lost once and found. I am on my third engagement setting in 35 years one ring wore against the other. It was nice stopping by.

    • I’m so glad you were able to find your diamond again. So far, this ring has outlasted all the other ones. I pray it continues to be that way.

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