Ten Ways to Pop The Big Question

For many men, finding the perfect way to pop the big question is critical in starting the engagement off right. The way you ask her to be your wife may just determine whether or not she’ll accept the offer. When selecting the perfect way to propose, consider her special interests and things that you like to do together as a couple. Also, think of any special connections you might have that can set you up with some amazing proposal venues. Here are some unique ways that you can present the perfect diamond engagement ring, and ask the woman of your dreams to be yours forever.

1. Batter Up?

If the two of you love to frequent the local baseball games, this could be the perfect place to stage the proposal. Just like in the movies, you could have the proposal flash on the big screen during half time. The entire audience will see you get down on one knee.

2. Dance the Night Away

If you love to dance at the neighborhood clubs, ask the DJ to pass you the microphone in-between songs. Announce to the club that you want to ask for your girlfriend’s hand in marriage. She simply won’t be able to resist.

3. Traditional Fare

Looking for something more low key? Try the traditional yet romantic restaurant proposal. No woman can say no to a proposal over champagne and pasta.

4. Flying High

Are you planning a romantic getaway sometime soon? Use the loud speaker to ask for marriage at 35,000 feet in the air (with the flight attendant’s approval of course).

5. High-Tech Proposal

Design a web page declaring your intentions and your love. Be sure to post some of your favorite memories, and your hope for more memories to come. Email your girlfriend a link to check out a new website you’ve just found. Hopefully she’ll respond with an ‘I do’.

6. It’s in the Stars

Use glow-in-the-dark star stickers to spell out your proposal on the ceiling above her bed. As soon as the lights are turned out and she’s preparing for sleep, she’ll be star struck at your amazing proposal.

7. Pet Lover

Surprise her with an adorable pet that she’s always wanted. Before you give her the furry critter, be sure to loosely tie diamonds around its neck.

8. Family Affair

Invite all of your favorite friends and family members over for a backyard barbeque. While everyone is gathered around, ask your girl to be your wife. Everyone you love will be able to watch the celebrated moment and join in the festivities.

9. Holiday Hoopla

Holidays are always a fun time to propose. Whether it is Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Halloween, there are a lot of fun ideas on ways you can use the season to make your proposal memorable.

10. Sing a Sonnet

Are you the karaoke champion of your local gathering place? Why not sing her a ballad of love? Write a personal little tune and sing it for all to hear.

Since you only have one chance to propose, make sure that you give it plenty of thought before saying those momentous words. Taking the time to propose in a special way will make your girlfriend feel treasured. You can plan a day that you’ll both remember forever.

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  1. I have to slightly disagree with #7 because it can be risky to give a pet as a gift. Should the person reject the marriage proposal, there is a chance that the animal may end up at a shelter. Or, the person might accept the proposal, but they don’t like the breed of dog/cat that was chosen. It is probably best if a couple who has *already* decided to get married, or already gotten married, chooses a furry family member together.

    • Robin,
      I’m glad that you brought up that point about animals. I would hope that anyone who wants to marry someone would know their preferences concerning animals. That truly is a big topic. (Well, at least it is in my life because have always been a major part of my life.)

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