Surprising Your Wife! How to Surprise Your Wife for No Reason

Whether you’re in the doghouse or are just looking for more ways to show her you care, surprising your wife by planning something sweet and romantic can be a ton of fun for the both of you. No, this doesn’t always mean having to open your wallet. It can mean simply voicing your love or showing an action that represents your affection by using your creativity. We all know by now that the reality of marriage is far from what we expected, so why not try to bring back the spark she first felt when you two met?

Not sure what your woman will like? She’ll let you know if you ask. Also, just by paying attention to her day-to-day routine and really listening, you’ll know what kinds of things will make her smile. Still not sure? Here are a few ways that will score you major points and show your special lady just how much you care.

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Surprising your wife… with some sparkle

Women love the bling. Jewelry is always a hit and cubic zirconia necklaces let her feel pretty for everyday wear without spending too much. If she doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, you can buy her a new bag or wallet that also has a little bit of shine.

Make her dinner

Does your woman have dinner on the table most nights of the week? Turn the tables and plan a homemade meal for her. Even if you’re not the best cook, your efforts will be much appreciated. Bonus: Do the dishes and she’ll love you forever.

Buy her flowers.

Don’t wait until you need to make up for a fight or need something to accompany an apology. Buy her favorite flowers just because and watch her eyes light up with your thoughtfulness. Alternatively, take her to your local farmers’ market and let her pick out her favorite bunch.

Surprising your wife doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. #marriage #love

Spend quality time.

It doesn’t count if you’re simply sitting on the couch together on your mobile devices or if you’re watching the game while she’s reading a magazine. You’re physically in the same space, but still disconnected from each other. Spend actual time together by going for a walk around the neighborhood or disconnecting from technology altogether to chat with each other about your days.

Plan a vacation

Go one step further from date night and plan a surprise vacation. It can be a weekend getaway or a staycation in your own city. Make it special by picking a destination she’s been wanting to visit or choose a hotel that has extra amenities like a nice spa or a bed and breakfast for a unique, fun experience.

Leave love notes. Sneak a note into her dresser drawer or makeup case. Leave one in her bag or hidden in her closed laptop, so she finds it at some point during the work day. Or, send her a random text message saying, “I love you” and checking in with her at some point during the day. She’ll love the idea that you are thinking of her.

Plan a date

It’s all too easy to get comfortable and stick with a date at home with a pizza and a movie, but every once in a while, surprising your wife by getting dressed up and going somewhere new can add some much needed spice to your life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a meal. It could be a date to the theater, a concert, or drinks at the newest trendy bar in town. The thought you put into the plan will make your woman happy.

There is something to be said for settling into the comforts of a relationship together, but women love fun surprises. It helps keeps the spark alive and puts new energy into your partnership. When the day-to-day revolves around work, the gym, and time with family, things may start to seem mundane. Nothing is better than to have a few pleasant treats and surprises up your sleeve to keep your woman happy.

You’ll see that the small amount of time it takes to make a few plans will pay off when it comes to pleasing the woman in your life. She’ll be happy that you’ve made the effort and will respond accordingly. It’s the small things that count over the course of years together. The grand gestures are still very much appreciated, but those aren’t typically feasible in the long run. Surprising your woman for no reason will make you a knight in shining armor in her book. A real man lets the woman in his life know that he loves her with words followed up with actions.

What other small gestures can you think of that should have been added to this list? If you have any other suggestions for surprising your wife, please leave me a comment below.




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  1. My husband is actually pretty good at this. Of course, after seventeen years of marriage it’s getting harder for him to surprise me, because I’ve learned a lot about that way he thinks. He did surprise me on Mother’s Day with a Pandora bracelet. I honestly didn’t see that one coming. 🙂

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