See Pictures of the Gala of Royal Horses Event

I couldn’t wait to go see the Gala of the Royal Horses show in Columbia, SC at the Colonial Life Arena.  After much deliberation on which child to take, I took Delbert with me to the event. We ended up having a really good time spending time together. The event was a wonderful display of horse showmanship.

The Gala of Royal Horses event was basically nothing more than a glorified horse show to me. They didn’t show many of the things that I was looking forward to seeing. I wanted Delbert to see some of the things I use to do on Tripp when I was growing up. They didn’t show the rider riding on two horses at once. I didn’t get to see the riders perform various tricks while the horse was in complete motion.

I think the reason they didn’t do a lot of those fancy stunts honestly had more to do with their stage settings than a lack of wanting to do them. I did notice that some of the horses were acting unpredictable throughout the show. Of course, being a fellow horse person I can appreciate them having to probably change their plans of their performance to accommodate for those various issues. Plus there is always a risk of a horse not doing what it should when it’s at a full gallop, and without the proper arena it wouldn’t have been wise of them to do those stunts.

They did show us some horse tricks and even gave us a few short lessons concerning the various horse breeds history and how they train the horses to walk in those fancy movements. Of course, after that lesson every time the horse would do the fancy stepping the crowd went wild.

I was eager to get my pictures ready to share with you. While I was going through my photos from the event, I decided to give Fotor another try. I had used Fotor before, but that was a long time ago. Now they have made some really impressive upgrades since my last dabble in using them. I have to admit I was comparing their photo editing software with all of the features found on PicMonkey.

I found that Fotor actually has many things to offer that I don’t find on PicMonkey that made it unique. I have the ability to add additional enhancements such as using the tilt-shift on just PART of an image. I can add all of the additional features just by signing up for a membership for FREE. I don’t have to pay for the enhancement features.

One of the newest additions that I really had fun with was creating a photo slideshow. It was easy to make with just a few short clicks of the mouse. They even included the option of adding music to the slideshow right from the Fotor website. As you can tell from the slideshow below it turned out really nice. I wasn’t able to use my flash for my pictures so some of them are less than stellar.

The Gala of Royal Horses event may not have been everything I hoped for due to their staging issues, but it was still a nice Mommy and son date night for us. Plus I also had a good reason to play with Fotor photo editor again and find out just how many things they added since I last used them. I’m quite impressed with their changes and will definitely be using them more myself.

You can find out more information about them by visiting their website. You can also their app for your favorite Apple and Android devices. You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus too.




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  1. Such beautiful horses. It looks like it was a nice show. Very impressive slide show using FOTO that I will have to check out.

  2. Love the video you made with Foto! The horses are stunning! I would have totally dug going to that event too. Next time, come pick me I’ll go with ya 🙂

  3. Hi Crystal,

    Thanks for linking this up to The Evolution of Mom’s Momma Told Me link party! We are HUGE fans of PicMonkey (and have the paid subscription), so I am especially excited to play with Fotor and compare features.

    Have a lovely evening!


    • I hear you. I have the paid subscription of PicMonkey too and LOVE it. I plan on keeping it for as long as I’m a blogger, but FOTOR does have a lot to offer too.

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