Bluetooth Wireless Headset Issue on PS4

I would think that when you buy an item that has Bluetooth capabilities that you should be able to buy headsets for it that are completely Bluetooth ready without having to use any wires of any kind. I personally love my PS4. Due to my back issues, I spend ¾ of my day on it playing Destiny, and I own various headsets for it. I have been on the hunt for a COMPLETELY wireless headset for it that isn’t overly heavy to wear for extended periods of time.

Bluetooth should be universal. A company should not lock a Bluetooth to only use their Bluetooth devices. Point the being, a game system that is Bluetooth enabled that does not allow third party universal access and it only allows access by their devices seems to be unfair. I don’t understand why it would be so difficult to enable a universal Bluetooth except to make money, when they shouldn’t need to be making so much money. The previous game system had no problem hooking up universal Bluetooth devices. However, when they upgraded it seemed like they were more interested in dominating self-promotion than their consumer needs or wants.

We’ve been calling our local stores and also chatting with companies via Twitter, and Turtle Beach states that their Ear Force Stealth 500P headsets are completely wireless Bluetooth headsets with the USB connection. I keep getting told various things from different people concerning whether or not they are 100% wireless. However, I am definitely considering giving them an honest try.

If you use a 100% wireless headset on your PS4, what headset are you using?




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  1. I don’t know much about this but it is very good to know. Makes me think of when cell phones first came out and they all had their own plug in you had to buy.

    • That is a good thing to bring up in relation to this. Now we can get a universal charger a dime a dozen. I’m so glad they made that change.

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