The Gala of the Royal Horses Event in Columbia, SC

I’ve mentioned my passion for horses a lot, but I try not to talk to you about them every week even though they cross my mind all the time. My mom lived and breathed horses, and she ensured that the passion for them was passed on to me. She invested in many different horse riding instructors for me when I was very young to ensure it would become a hobby that we would do together. It wasn’t until I was 13 years old that I got the horse that captured my heart and turn me into a “horse person.” However, once Tripp came into my life, my life changed completely! I did everything under the sun with him. I trained him and we formed a bond that is hard to explain to a non-horse person. However, we had total trust in one another. I could perform all kinds of stunts on his back. When I found out that The Gala of the Royal Horses was coming to Columbia, SC at the Colonial Life Arena I reached out to see if Tidbits of Experience could cover the event.

I got to capture that video this morning when I was given the chance to meet Rene Gasser and a fellow rider. (I didn’t show a more impressive stunt from the horses and riders because I want you to go to the event with me!) I was able to learn more about what makes The Gala of the Royal Horses event unique. One thing I immediately found out is this horse event is unique compared to the other horse shows that tour across the United States in that they include a wide range of different breeds of horses including the famous Andalusian, Friesian, Lipizzaner, and Arabian horse. They have also made sure that their show includes talented showcases of horses, dancers, and riders.

Here is another sneak peek video for you to see even more:

Rene Gasser is the riding master who has kept this seven year generation dream alive. The entire staff has been performing these shows for the past 15 years. However, in this is the first year that they have been performing throughout the United States. The Columbia, SC event held at the Colonial Life Arena on November 30th at 3pm is the last one they are going to perform for the season. This is the perfect gift to give to that horse lover (s) in your family. To be honest, anyone is sure to love this show because it’s a specular display of showmanship.

You can purchase your tickets starting at $27.00 a piece by visiting the Box Office inside the Colonial Life Arena or visiting their website. You can also call 1-855-456-2849 to purchase them. Again The Gala of the Royal Horses will be showing on Sunday, November 30 at 3pm. You can gain more information from the Colonial Life Arena staff through social media on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even follow the hashtag #GalaofHorsesCLA to follow along with the action of this event.

Do you have a horse lover in your family that would enjoy this event as much as I plan to?





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14 comments on “The Gala of the Royal Horses Event in Columbia, SC”

    • I do plan on enjoying it to the fullest. I just haven’t figured out who my plus one is going to be for this event, if anyone. I may just go alone so that I can enjoy it completely!

  1. I enjoyed reading about your life experiences with horses. This looks like a wonderful and spectacular show to see. I pinned it to my activities board. Loved the videos.

  2. beautiful pic of me Thank you and Quintero royal horse of Rene Gasser it was a pleseure to meet you best regards Armando
    we will preformed sun at our Best.

    • Armand,

      It was a pleasure to meet you as well. I truly look forward to seeing the full performance on Sunday. I get chills of pleasure from the memories it stirs within me when I see previews of what is to come. I use to do many of these tricks with my horse, Tripp.

  3. Not in my family, but one of my close friends (who is also my co-blogger on my book blog) is a horse lover and owner so she’d definitely enjoy that event. Horses are lovely creatures indeed.

    • Horses get into your blood when you form a bond with one. However, if that doesn’t happen then you’re right they are just lovely creatures to admire and ride from time to time. (That’s how I felt about them until I formed my bond with Tripp.) Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope you’ve steered your friend to my post.

    • Horses are truly elegant when they are trained well that is for sure. It’s so hard to explain it all. They can provide a feeling unlike anything else in this world too.

  4. I have risen English all my life and my daughter rides Hunter Jumper but changing to Western, it’s more FUN!!!! She and the Hubs do Breyer Festival each year, but after looking at this we will have to include this. HAVE FUN!!!!!

    • I’ve never heard of that festival. I did research on it thanks to your comment, and I was so wishing I could go. It sounds like a lot of fun. 🙂 I hope you came back and looked at the photos I took.

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