On A Quest For High Speed Internet

I would like to start by saying that I have been dealing with back pain for a while now, and that it is hard for me to remember what it’s like to just feel like I can do anything I want to do. The things that literally keep me sane are:  fact that I can play my video games, watch shows on Netflix and my family. Lately, we’ve been having issues with our current Internet providers (which we have three) that we have. With our primary Internet provider we’re waiting on a part to come in to see if that solves the issue of having dial up connection speeds, the other one (total usage 25 gigs (they say we use more than I know we do and that it works when it wants to)) which use to be the reliable one has become very UNRELIABLE and the last one (small that it is (10 gig)) though provides excellent usage with no downtime.

Getting the Run Around

Once again I’ve had Crystal reach out to internet companies to find out when or if we’re going to be getting new internet service options in our area because we’ve been advised for the last five years that we’re going to be getting them here. With one company we were told we were next in line to receive their service within the last month, and so I asked Crystal to find out an estimated time of arrival. When she called, she got “We have no clue when it will be available in your area.” Now, if this is considered good customer service, I hate to see what bad customer service looks like. Or others companies just say well we aren’t going to come out that far. We live no more than 9 miles (depending on how you go) from Orangeburg, SC.

Due to my back issues, we are doing everything in our power to earn money from home as much as possible. That of course requires using the Internet almost 15-18 hours a day. That doesn’t include the kids doing their online work for home schooling.

Lately, I’ve also been blessed with the chance to review video games too. Many new video games now require being hooked to the Internet to play them to the fullest. Or you must have the internet to download something for them, and not everything comes on the disk anymore.

No High Speed Unlimited Internet (Or Even High Data Usage) Hold Back

I’m tired of being bored to death and feeling helpless because we don’t have unlimited or high usage internet in our home. I’m tired of having companies give me the run around concerning when they are coming or if they are coming in our area. I don’t feel that we should be penalized because we live in a rural area. Everything seems to be going internet based, companies are trying to get you to do more and more shopping online, but if you don’t have the internet then might you ( I ) feel like second class.

The government tells us to do something about our situation, and we’ve been trying and have the full resources at our disposal. However, without unlimited (or even a decent amount of GBs to work with each month —150-250 GBs like the city residents (or even people that are in the upper class) get it makes it really hard to take advantage of quality high paying jobs from home.

I know if we had unlimited (or high usage) high speed internet in our area that we would grow and thrive. I also know that my kids would have more resources available to them to enhance their learning lessons. I would probably also be more inclined to finish obtaining my bachelor’s degree in web design also.

Here is a thought for you:

What if a company didn’t think about the profit so much and thought about the customer more?

Do you think that company would hurt for customers or would they see more and more people looking toward them for what they need? To me you don’t need to make $5.00 on something if you make a profit at $3.00, why not help those who could use it?  You might not make a lot of money but you still would make money. Someone that has a lot doesn’t always have a lot.

I know we are not alone in this quest.  I think that if we could find a real way to make the companies understand that not just the people like us want better internet then I think the companies that offer high usage or the unlimited high speed internet would work more diligently to get their services available in all areas, with better reliability. Especially since we’re (all of us) would be the ones that prove to them that what they did was the right thing to do. Until then I will have contempt for the internet companies and the government for their handling of this issue.

Do you have unlimited or high usage internet in your home or are you suffering too?





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Hi, I'm Dale. Some of the things I like to do are box, lift weights, and spend time with my beautiful wife Crystal. I also enjoy watching shows on Netflix or playing video games with my son when I can find some free time.

3 comments on “On A Quest For High Speed Internet”

  1. So sorry to hear about your struggle with this. I know what’s its like to have back pain too 🙁 I guess I take for granted the fact that I have a wonderful ISP that never goes down and provides excellent CS. I used to live in a rural area so I know that pain! Wishing it all works out for you soon!

  2. Our internet is actually pretty speedy. One irritation I do have is that we get kicked off of our Wi-fi each time the computer goes to sleep. Sometimes I just need to rush in and make the kids a snack, but constantly having to reconnect is a nuisance. I realize it just takes a few seconds, but because it happens repeatedly it gets old.

    • That sounds like a computer setting not a Wi-Fi connection issue? If you have it set to automatically connect when you open your laptop lid it should do it for you? Unless you’re having to turn your Wi-Fi back on, like I do when I use my HotSpot Internet.

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