I’m going co0-coo over Internet. Everything is going online in HIGH SPEED mode. You have to have LARGE bandwidth in order to do anything.

I live in the country 6-7 miles outside of Orangeburg town limits. The only Internet I can get is satellite. It’s NOT unlimited! Why is that?

Are we because we live rural areas non customers? Non people? Non citizens? Except when it comes to voting?

You see the roads in towns and cities all the time being repaired. Yet, you never hardly ever see secondary roads being repaired outside of towns. Town, city, and county councils only care about rural areas when they need something.

I’m just trying to understand why companies push so hard to service town and cities, and everybody let’s them get away with forgetting about the people that live outside of the city limits. Is it not true that we are part of the United States? Don’t we deserve the same rights to those who live in town?

Some might say it’s not cost efficient to service the rural areas. What about our right to have access to the same conveniences to people in town? Are they telling us that we must live in a city or town in order to have those privileges? I don’t think that’s fair. They are trying to dictate where we live by those actions.

Everything is going to the Internet, and they keep stressing how much you have to have Internet. Yet, we can’t get unlimited HIGH speed Internet without dishing out hundreds of dollars each month where we live! All the Internet we can do is satellite or dial up where we live with bandwidth limitations. Where is the outcry for people that don’t have a voice on the Internet because of this situation?

I would like to know if anybody feels the same way I do. I mean the companies are pushing everybody to do more and more on the Internet, but yet they are not pushing for the same Internet access across the board. I can understand about cell phone usage not being unlimited, but when it comes to home use that is a different story.

I live just I-26 on one of the secondary paved roads. Does anybody know of any good Internet service providers that won’t kill to be able to access the Internet to be able to watch a decent amount of movies, do school work online, play games, and other things without it cost an arm, a leg, and a thigh?




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