Moms, Movement, and Marathons

While it can get busy around the house, moms should make it a priority to maintain an active lifestyle. An active lifestyle can have amazing benefits to nearly all aspects of one’s life. Regular exercise can help maintain health and prevent future, age-related issues from appearing. Exercise can also improve one’s mood, while also keeping the mind sharp. Best of all, exercise takes you out of the house and can even be a social activity.

Rests and Runs

Running is a very beneficial hobby to acquire. It combines cardio, endurance, and long-period exercise all in one. Think of it as an all-in-one activity, where your entire body participates and gains benefits. Running also takes you out of your chair, home, or office and into a new location. Here, you can feel the fresh air and see the skies above – something you may not appreciate while stuck indoors.

For moms out there, it is essential to keep active. Health-wise, running a few times per week can help keep signs of aging at bay. By moving around, your joints get that much needed exercise and can even prevent issues as you grow older. Getting some sunlight and breathing in some fresh air also helps. Lastly, taking a step back from all the chaos around the house can be beneficial to your mental state.

Getting Started

The main issue with running is its daunting nature. The idea of running a long distance can be intimidating, especially if you do not have the training or gear. Marathons can feel like a competition – a race where you go against everyone else. For women, this can be even more intimidating. However, studies show that there is nothing to fear. In fact, a recent study showed that women are actually faster than men at ultra-running in extreme distances.

Running, like any other exercise, is all about motivation. At the end of the day, you run for yourself. Marathons should not be viewed as a competition on who reaches the finish line first. For you, the priority should be simple – finish the run. Finishing the run can give you elevated mood, as well as the feeling of accomplishing something. The idea that you finished a race instead of quitting halfway through is a great motivational boost. Running also gives your body an intense, long workout – with a view to boot. This hobby is all about taking a step back from your daily life and simply running off to the unknown.

Final Thoughts

It can be very intimidating at first, and you may try and convince yourself to give up halfway through. However, if you manage to make this a hobby you do monthly (or even weekly) then your body will appreciate it. As the years progress, you will thank yourself for starting this hobby. For now, taking small steps is a great idea. A jog, a short run, or even a walk around the block can get you started. Nobody expects you to run a full marathon on your first day. Take is slow, and keep moving forward.




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