Morning Exercises To Wake Your Body And Mind

You don’t have to be a “lark” if you are an “owl” and you like to sleep. The psychologists divide people into two groups which are larks and owls, or better to say, people who are waking up early and those who go to bed late and have difficulty getting up early. Personally, I belong to an owl group, however, I know how to wake up every morning simply by doing these easy exercises:

1. Lift-Ups



For doing this exercise it is very important to breathe slowly with all your diaphragm. You have to lift up your hips creating a straight line with your belly, hips, and legs. Do it for 10-20 seconds each.

2. Cat Stretching



Your knees are on the ground. Your hands are on the ground too. Your back is straight and you have to arch your head. Breathe out and arch in and breathe in. Do this exercise for about 10-20 seconds each.

3. Squats



Legs and feet are supposed to be together. Lower down slowly, putting your arms in front of your body. Go down as far as you can keeping the heels on the ground. Make sure knees are over the toes. Keep the circular motion with your hands.

4. Going Down





Feet should be wider than shoulders. Make sure you keep your back straight. Focus on the breath. Turn to your right foot with your arms stretched. Put your chin parallel to your arms. Go down to the other side. Do it for 10-20 seconds.

5. Reaching to the Sky




Lower down, keeping your back stretched to your toes. Back up. Make sure your feet are parallel and are close to each other. Then take the arms, flip it, touching the sky forming the line by your shoulders, back, and hands. Keep the breath going and go down.

I guess these exercises were quite easy so that you can repeat them by yourself at home. For that, you might need some carpet or towel and to make leather cross training shoes reviews in advance just to know what shoes you’ll need. However, for these exercises you even possible to complete them with your bare feet.

Once you know how to start your day, go and do it! Good Luck!


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