Let’s Get FAIR High-Speed Internet Access

I’ve mentioned this repeatedly on this blog. However, I’m determined to get my voice heard on the issue we’re having with not being treated fairly concerning having the ability to have high-speed Internet access at our house. We have THREE Internet providers that we have to carry in order to maintain having the amount of service we need to meet our NEEDS. It is quite costly too! We’ve been pushing to get a reasonably priced high-speed Internet with a high data allowance (like is available in town limits)  in our home from our local companies, but to no avail.

We are 1.2 miles from one company and 2.6 miles from another. The sad fact is they want us to go to our local community and have them put in a request stating that they want their service in their homes. To me, that’s like doing their jobs for them. In fact, we did that a few years ago, and it didn’t do any good at all.

We are a homeschooling family that uses our online public school system to teach our kids because our local schools aren’t that great. We also operate a trucking company, which requires more time on the Internet than you may realize. We also run this blog (and the behind the scenes stuff that goes into operating a blog would blow your mind away.) Plus I am eager to return to my online college to finish out my Bachelors degree and can’t for fear of running out of Internet usage. I’m also an avid video gamer, and more and more games are turning to being online based.

Please pin this for the world to see!

Our world is becoming very Internet based. Every time I turn around there is something else that is available that would enhance our life, but due to the type of Internet we have available to us we can’t take advantage of it.

If we had fair high-speed Internet access available for the prices that the cable companies are offering to other customers not even 2.6 miles from us, we would be able to save ourselves HUNDREDS of dollars a month in bills. We’d become 110% financially stable and even ahead of the game. Plus if we had that our businesses would also grow more too, which in turn would help the economy because it would provide more jobs for other people.

I can only imagine what our country would look like if the entire United States were given access to fair high-speed Internet access. I know that there has been mention of it happening, and I’ve seen it all around me. However, it’s been years now, and we still do NOT have it. When we ask about it, we aren’t given a solid answer as to when it’s coming for sure.

Please Sign our Petition

So, if you’re in a similar position or know someone else in this situation, I’m requesting that you take the time to sign our petition to get fair high-speed Internet access throughout United States to all of our citizens.

Just click the image and sign it! Every voice makes a difference!

Please pin this for the world to see!

Share your story if you’re in the same boat.




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  1. I feel for your plight. I pay over $70 a month for 60mgs down and I think 4mgs up which is a lot for sure. I always get concerned that once they do make it “fair” they will cap all speeds and we can’t have that! I would keep up with the petition thing even though you are correct – it’s like you doing your job for them.

  2. I feel for you and think you should hound the city hall even if they keep being evasive. The cost of the internet is outrageous for sure and hard enough and I can hardly wrap my head around you needing three providers to be online.

    • You know how much we have to use it in our daily lives. It’s an important issue and if we could ever get cable or DSL in our home we’d have it made.

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