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My kids are 110% out of school. That means I get to indulge in more reading. I LOVE reading series, but unless I can find them all at my local library or for FREE on Amazon that becomes a very expensive venture. I don’t like being left wondering what is happening next to the characters I’m reading about. I am one of those odd people who get invested in the life of the characters I read about in books and watch on TV.

I started reading  The Dance: A Novel (The Restoration Series)  thanks to getting it free to read due to signing back up for Amazon Prime. It is an erotic series where the men are quite obsessed and controlling the women in their lives. I personally didn’t care about the sexual scenes in these books because Del has always provided me with a wonderful sex life when he’s physically able to do it. However, I love the story line behind these books. It reminds me of the passion and type of love relationship that Del and I have with each other. We are both obsessive and possessive of each other. We also have strong controlling streaks. I think that’s the reason why I fell in love with this series and the storylines behind them. (The sex scenes are good quality, but it’s hard to compete against the real thing when it’s just as passionate and raw if not better than what’s in the book!)

Once I started reading this series, I couldn’t wait to delve into the next one. I didn’t want to have to buy ALL of them because there is quite a few in this series. I invested in the Amazon Unlimited Plan. It costs $9.99 a month, but I can read as many book as I want. I have found that I have access to many of the most popular books as well as books that I have had on my wish list for some time. Plus, since I’m paying for this service, I find I make time for my one hobby I enjoy too. (I’ve got to get my money’s worth right!)

Between Amazon Prime and Amazon Unlimited Plan, I’m going to have a remarkable summer enjoying time watching my kids play with new things that we got at discounted prices and in most cases free since we are a part of many Amazon review programs that give reviewers who have Prime first bids to get things! I also get to indulge in many books, audiobooks, and Prime movies and shows.

Plus, Prime comes with A LONG list of amazing benefits. I would list them all for you, but my tribe mate did a great job of telling why she loves Amazon Prime in her 10 Amazon Prime Perks You Need to Know.

Have you taken advantage of these two programs?




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