It’s All About E3 2015 Until Tuesday Night #E32015

I’m excited  to see that E3 is starting tonight. I can’t wait to watch all of the live events online for the next couple of days thanks to If I had fair internet usage, I’d be able to be even more involved in all the online activities in relation to this event. However, we’re watching as many events as we can! Del and I desperately want to attend an E3 event in person!! We’d be like kids in a candy shop.

There is ALWAYS someone playing some type of game in our house at all times. We use games for teaching our kids many of their lessons, and it has always worked well for them. My kids and I play video games together and as a result it’s helped our bonds only grow fonder. My boys play video games with my father-in-law too.

Del is on Destiny on his Playstation 4 as many hours as he humanly can make happen throughout the day. Speaking of which, he’s looking for new players to join him. His username again is moviex73. He’s eager to hear about the Destiny updates that are going to be announced.

I hope to hear of more games coming out for the Wii U. Right now we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new LEGO Jurassic Park game via Gamefly. I will be taking time off to play this game with the kids. I’m a HUGE LEGO video game fan!

Del is also eagerly waiting to find out more about the Fallout 4. He has all the rest of them, and they are some of his favorite games to play. He hopes the rumors of it being like Elder Scrolls is false.

It’s going to be a fun family time for the next couple of days. E3 is one event that always brings us close together. We enjoy watching all of these events and eagerly make our lists of the video games we want to. The first live event happens at 6pm PT tonight on Be sure to check it all out if you’re a fellow video game lover.


What are you excited to be learning about during the E3 2015 event?


Disclosure: THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST IN ANYWAY! We truly feel this way 110%.



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