Destiny vs. Defiance Video Games

I have Destiny on the PS 4 and Defiance on the PS 3. Both are multiplayer online games. Here are the differences that I see between them right off the bat.

Chat – Defiance has an open chat box for texting and voice chat for all different types of groups. Destiny only has communication between players when you’re in a group (fire team) that you start.

Weapons- Defiance you have a lot more classes of weapons than Destiny. In Defiance the more you use weapons the better you become with them. Plus they have classes of weapons and they are upgrade-able. Destiny the more you use a weapon the better that weapon can get until you max it out. Then you can’t go higher than the set limit.

Leveling – Destiny and Defiance both have a leveling system which is equal in status according to the game.

Story line- Defiance sort of goes hand and hand with the TV series. Defiance also has random events that pop up which are very good to play. Destiny is not based on anything. In Defiance you have the main story line and you also have side episodes to play for bonuses. In Destiny you have simple submissions and random public events to play that are very good, but they are hard to play if you’re the only one in the public event.[egg id=”14″]

Overall pound for pound so far I would say these two games are equal. Yes, Defiance is a free to play game now. You can buy extras in it for real money to boast yourself up and make you look better. Destiny comes as is. I will continue to play both because they are both fun to play.

Which do you have and if you have both, what do you think?



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    • I hope you show it to them. I’ve made a round up of my video game reviews on my page.

    • I play games on my mini iPad too. Have you played Frozen or Maleficent yet? Those are two addicting but challenging games.

  1. I haven’t played either of the games. We do watch Defiance so I’d probably be interested in that one based on the storyline. But I’ve SEEN the graphics and game play of Destiny and it is phenomenal on so many levels in that regard.

    • They are both very addictive games. If you like Defiance the show and you play video games then you would most likely enjoy this game.

    • My wife and kids play PC games a lot. However, I tend to stick to mostly console and iPad games.

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