How to Dress Up for the Ideal Bingo Night With Your Girlfriends

Have you been waiting for that fun girls night out for a while? We understand the excitement. But, here’s how you can make best use of your time out. You could in fact visit a gorgeous bingo hall and play a few rounds of the game for a real fun night!

If you are however not too familiar with the rules of these bingo games, which comes in various formats and patterns, you can try practicing bingo games online before you actually hit the bingo hall with your girlies! You can play across thousands of different bingo sites and all of them offer great welcome bonuses for new players.

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I would recommend you to play on where there is a 200% first deposit bonus which means you get £30 to play with on a £10 deposit. Most of the bingo games here are buy one get one free. So, the more tickets you buy, the twice as many you will have to play with. Each bingo room shows you the cost of the next games tickets. The more you practice, the better chances you have in winning on the much awaited night and might end up leaving the bingo hall with more cash than you left home with!

Assuming that it’s your first visit to a bingo hall, you might be wondering how to dress up for the night? There’s no dress codes to bingo halls but since you might have to walk around a bit, it would be a good idea for you to wear a well fitted dress and team them up with a nice pair of stilettos. Ensure that your hands are free, as you will have to daub the numbers on your cards as the numbers are called out.

You can in fact find a variety of people dressed differently for bingo halls. There are the ones who go straight from work in their suits and ties, while there are others who drop in causally in their jeans and tees!

Wear whatever you like and get there with your girlfriends and make most of the night with them! Have fun and make a lot of money too. No one would be critical about your outfit as much as you think they are, in fact they would probably be too busy dabbing their bingo tickets to even notice.




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