Ideal Gifts For Dads Who Deserve a Break!

Does the father of your kids deserve a break? Let’s be honest, he probably does! Maybe he’s the one at home with them most days while you’re working as the main breadwinner. Maybe he juggles his full-time job with helping and supporting you. Maybe he’s a real-life Superman, or perhaps he’s just a great man who you want to treat.

There doesn’t have to be a specific reason to get him one of the gifts on this list. Yes, they’re all great for Birthdays, Public Holidays and Father’s Day. But each of these also works as a gift that says ‘Hey! You’re doing great- I just wanted to say thank you!’. Get some inspiration below.

Gaming glasses

If your man is a gamer, maybe it’s the thing he loves to do most when he has a night off. Or maybe he hardly even gets to play anymore, because his life as a Father is simply too busy. Encourage him to get back to his hobby with an accessory that supports this.

You could get a fancy new handset for his XBox, for example. Or, you can pick up a quality pair of gaming glasses at places like These are great because they protect his eyes from elongated periods looking at a screen. This applies whether it’s a TV screen or a computer screen.

Man cave

The next idea on the list is a big one. In fact, it involves clearing out an entire room in order to make it his. Man caves are all the rage at the moment. They’re a real step up from the man in the house being banished to potter around his garden shed! You’ll need a space in which you can make or build the cave. You can call it a den or hideout if you prefer, we should add. But as for how much it costs? Don’t worry if funds are limited for this. You can find out more about how to make the perfect man cave on a budget at Once his room is done, it will be time to get started on your woman cave. Hey, you can have one too you know!


The great thing about this gift is its versatility. He can hang it securely somewhere in the house, use it in an aforementioned man cave; or just in the garden! A hammock is an unusual gift idea and a great one if you’re stuck for fresh ideas. After all, he probably doesn’t have one already, or you’d know about it!

Photo by Ian Sane

This is a great one for Father’s Day because it really promotes rest and relaxation! You can find more ideas for gifts if Father’s Day is the occasion at

Trip with his friends

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Last but not least, give your man an actual break by sending him on a trip! Arrange for him to have a weekend away with his guy friends, or gym friends, or favorite colleagues. It could even just be for a night if time or money is tight. But this is a great way of giving him some time away from everyday life to recharge his batteries.




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