Beauty Travel Tips Everyone Should Know

Traveling, especially long distance and long-haul flights, can really take a toll on your skin. Changing temperatures, climate and the conditions inside the cabin are not tour skin’s best allies. It’s important to know how to take care of your skin during travel to avoid having to deal with breakouts and dehydrated skin upon your arrival.

Here are some precious tips that will help maintain your skin happy and healthy even after a long trip. 

Prep Your Skin A Few Days Before

It is an important thing to prepare your skin days before boarding the flight. If you can it can really be beneficial to book an appointment for a facial to give your skin some extra love and keep it glowing. This will also help to cleanse your pores and oxygenate your skin, two crucial things to keep your skin healthy and clear. It is advisable to increase your water intake in the days leading up to a big trip, since many hours on an airplane is extremely drying for the skin. 


The night before you take your flight, ensure you apply intense moisturizer or a night mask. Since you will be exposed to the dehydrating effect of the cabin pressure, lock in as much moisture as you can! It’s crucial to always use high-quality moisturizers, like the Blue Lagoon moisturizing cream for example, as they contain real ingredients that truly hydrate and nourish. Your skin will be well protected and supple.

Wear Sunscreen

Sun damage occurs after adding up and sometimes, you may not realize you are getting too much sun. It is an excellent reason to pack sunscreen when traveling to hot or tropical destinations. Keep in mind that the sun is stronger when you get closer to the equator, so if you’re visiting a part of the world in that area be careful when laying in the sun. in general, wearing SPF daily is a great rule of thumb, even when the sky is cloudy or if you’re mostly indoors.

Don’t Skip on Sleep

Collagen production and hydration re-balance of your body occur when you are asleep. The moisture levels in your skin are affected by skipping sleep as well as lowering your complexion’s pH level. When pH levels drop, an imbalance is created on your skin. The moisture needed by the skin is not adequately produced due to the imbalance; thus, your skin becomes drier.

When Flying Long Hours, Do A Sheet Mask

You are recommended to do a sheet mask an hour or before landing. The best mask to use is one with moisturizing ingredients that will help bring replenish and nourish your skin. It is good to always wash your hands before applying the mask.

Give Extra Care to Your Lips

You need to skip using long-lasting lipsticks during long travels to give your lips the color because they parch and dehydrate your mouth. Always reapply gloss to ensure that you give your lips extra care throughout the journey. Also pack a lip treatment in your carry-on to protect your lips during the flight. Medicated lip balm is recommended during travel because it keeps your lips hydrated and protected all at once. It is an important task to keep your skin healthy and glowing during air travel. Hydration is essential for your skin. What are your best kept travel beauty secrets? Please share them in the comment below!




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