Not Sure How to Pick a Cruise? These Tips Will Help You!

You’re overworked, overtired, and your productivity meter is tilting towards zero. You know what that means: it’s time for a vacation.

Instead of driving or flying with the kids to your vacation destination (where there will likely be even more driving required to see the sights and enjoy yourselves), have you considered booking a trip where the journey itself is part of the vacation? When you take a cruise, getting to your final destination is part of the fun! With so much onboard food and fun activities, the crew will practically have to pry you off the ship to explore once you arrive.

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Planning the Perfect Extended Family Road Trip

When we think of getting together with extended family, we often think in terms of holidays and family reunions. While these are a great way for everyone to see each other for a bit and say hi, they don’t offer much time for family to really spend quality time together. Reunions typically only last a short time and are jam-packed with so many relatives – from third and fourth cousins to great-great-aunts-twice-removed – that it can be tough to really get to know anyone there. Holidays, meanwhile, are often rushed and filled with stress.

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