Are You a Mom Who Needs to Blow Off End-of-Day Steam? Try This.

At the end of the day, I’m exhausted. Not “I had a long day at work” tired, but so exhausted that I literally need to rest before I can fall asleep. My husband and I have two kids, so being up before 5 a.m. to get them to school, me to work, seeing to after school activities, dinner, refereeing at least a dozen fights, as well as paying bills and cleaning up messes takes every last drop of energy I have.

Once the kids are in bed, I’m too tired to do anything that requires a lot of effort. Even though I have a stack of books I’d love to read, my brain is always too dead to delve into one, yet buzzing too quickly to fall asleep. There never seems to be anything good on TV, either.

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One night, after flipping past a third reality show about rich housewives shouting at one another, I pulled out my laptop and started meandering around. I ended up on an online casino that had a huge variety of games – from slots and roulette to video poker.

I figured that as tired as I was, playing a few games of slots would be a great way to relax without needing to expend brainpower I didn’t have. After signing up, I played for a while…and had way much more fun than I would have if I’d zoned out in front of a TV show for a couple of hours! Even though slots doesn’t take a lot of hardcore strategizing, it was fun to play a game instead of vegging completely out.

You know what was even more fun? Winning! I played a bit of roulette on that first night, as well. Since then, I’ve played for a little while almost every night before bed. I took advantage of a really great welcome bonus upon signup and have had the chance to win some great bonuses and prizes by taking part in quizzes and cool online competitions.

My husband (who likes to play Xbox) now jokes that he has his video games and I have mine. Some nights, I even venture into an online card game or two. My kids don’t realize that their mama is an ah-mazing poker player!

To you other tired mothers out there, I say: don’t sit there tiredly reading the same book page over and over again or watching a cooking show until you’re nearly asleep. Go online and have some fun as you play to win!




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Hi, I'm Dale. Some of the things I like to do are box, lift weights, and spend time with my beautiful wife Crystal. I also enjoy watching shows on Netflix or playing video games with my son when I can find some free time.

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