GoPro Hero8 Action Camera

The GoPro has been on the market for awhile with model after model being introduced. It’s a great little action camera and the newest one, the GoPro Hero 8, is no different from the previous models. Of course, it is an updated version of previous models, but it combines all the great features of the previous ones into the Hero 8. The biggest change made in the Hero 8 is the built-in mounting fingers. Previously, you’d need extra accessories to mount this camera. With these built-in fingers, there is easier access to the battery and memory card.

The GoPro Hero 8 features HyperSmooth 2.0 to give you some awesome stabilization to ensure all of your shots are smooth and not shaky. This is probably the best stabilization on the market. This feature also works across all resolutions and frame rates so you no longer have to choose between the types of shots or stabilization. The Boost mode offers even more stabilization for your shots. Another great feature on the Hero 8 is the TimeWarp, which records videos in hyperlapse. The new feature automatically assigns a speed rather than having you choose a speed. You can also get out of the TimeWarp mode while recording by pressing “real-time” and it will go to regular video recording.

Digital Lenses and Capture Presets are also new features on the Hero 8. Digital Lenses allows you to choose from different fields of view settings and the Capture Presets are presets for popular used cases. The LiveBurst photo mode makes capturing the perfect photo even easier. The camera snaps pictures 1.5 seconds before and after you press the shutter button. 

The Hero 8 action camera is great update and can become any thrill seeker’s new friend, capturing some awesome high-quality shots. The user interface is simpler, making capturing your most extreme moments easier and faster. The GoPro Hero 8 can be pre-ordered from for $399.

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