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Are you someone who gives a fork about the environment and single use plastic utensils? I sure hate using those single use plastic utensils because we have no way of knowing what types of chemicals they are coated with, if they are BPA free, how they have been handled. Due to the problem with these plastics, Outlery has created re-usable, plastic-free utensils you can take with you on the go.

Outlery: A Different Kind of Cutlery

But they aren’t like your average cutlery, they are small enough to fit into your pocket and you just screw the different pieces together and build your own fork, spoon, and butter knife. They also have pocket-size chopsticks. These utensils are made from stainless steel and no plastic. Taking your own cutlery with you to a restaurant will also give you peace of mind that it’s clean. I think all of us have had at least one experience where we had to get new cutlery from the waiter because they looked dirty.

Outlery cutlery utencils

According to researchers, the average American disposes about 1000 disposable cutlery and chopsticks every year. So, we should all try to make a change and start using less plastics in our daily routines. These cutlery sets and chopstick sets can easily be carried in your bag or pocket and are easy to clean. They also come in a variety of different colors to add some liveliness while you eat.

Outlery has surpassed their funding goal on indiegogo.com and they can still be pre-ordered for discounted prices. The cutlery set costs $37 and the chopstick set cost $21.

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