5 Ways to Bring Farmhouse-Style Character to Your Texas Kitchen

Everything’s bigger in Texas, as the saying goes. It’s no different when it comes to kitchens. If you’re looking for a new home in Texas, you’ll quickly find that the kitchens tend to be large and spacious, with large kitchen islands and lots of storage and counter space. Because kitchens are on the bigger side, there are a variety of styles that you can implement. One popular kitchen design choice is the farmhouse style.

The farmhouse style is particularly popular when it comes to Texas homes due to the balance of function and cozy rustic charm. The following are five examples of how you can introduce a farmhouse style to your Texas kitchen:

1. Farmhouse Sink

The farmhouse sink is a staple in farmhouse kitchen designs. It’s essentially just an oversized sink, although it is available in both single basin and double basin versions depending on your needs. The farmhouse sink is deeper as well, which means that there’s a lot more space for doing dishes or prepping food. Because of its size, a farmhouse sink is very much a statement piece — but it retains a simplicity that remains in line with the nature of the farmhouse style.

An apron sink, which is similar to a farmhouse sink but that sticks out from the counter, is a great option as well if you want to make a bigger visual statement (or you simply want more sink space).

2. Butcher Block Countertops

A butcher block countertop is perfect for a farmhouse-style kitchen because it fits right in with the rustic charm of the farmhouse design. First of all, the wood adds a natural element to the kitchen that softens the aesthetic and adds warmth to a space that tends to feel harsh and cold. Secondly, butcherblock countertops are incredibly functional. As long as you seal it properly, it can last for decades.

Since butcher block countertops are made out of wood, you’ll be able to choose from an enormous variety of hardwoods, which means you have more control over the aesthetic of your kitchen. However, you’ll want to make sure to select a 1½-inch thickness when choosing your countertop, because anything thinner than that will not look authentic and may warp over time.

3. Open Wood Shelving

Another farmhouse staple is open shelving, which allows you to display your favorite dishes and other kitchen items for a rustic look. If you’re interested in going with a farmhouse style for the interior of your new home, then open shelving is a smart choice that can really bring out the authentic feel of this design.

Open shelving also allows you to make good use of space as opposed to closed cabinets where everything looks cramped up against one another. The use of shelves allows you to add storage space to the kitchen without taking up a lot of visual space.

In addition, using open shelving is great if you happen to have lots of knick knacks or utensils because it ensures these items will be on full display rather than tucked away in closed cabinets. Finally, if you use wooden shelves, you can complement the warm visual style of those butcher block countertops you’ve just installed!

4. Wooden Kitchen Island Table

It can’t be overstated how useful it is to have a kitchen island in your kitchen. Not only does it add more storage space (beneath the island) and countertop space, but it can be used as a dining space as well. If you really want to embrace the farmhouse style, then consider using a large wooden farmhouse-style table as your kitchen island.

Using a wood farmhouse-style table as your kitchen island is an excellent way to introduce a large statement piece to your kitchen that draws the eye. Because it’s made out of wood and because it lacks the design flourishes other types of tables might have, it will immediately give your kitchen a warm, rustic feel.

A wooden farmhouse table can function as a kitchen island in every way: it will provide you with plenty of space to prep food on and, as long as there’s a platform at the bottom, can offer storage space as well. It even has an advantage over standard islands in that you can move the table around, thereby creating space when you need it if you’re eating a meal with family or guests in your kitchen.

If you decide to use a wood farmhouse-style table as your kitchen island, choose one that boasts a thick surface as well as thick legs. This will provide it with that functional aesthetic that’s so prominent in farmhouse designs.

5. A Simple Black And White Color Scheme

Because farmhouse kitchens are meant to feel open and spacious, you should consider using white as the primary color. White walls, cabinets, and backsplashes help make your kitchen feel brighter and more spacious as a result. They also allow the attention to be on the wooden elements of your kitchen as well as its functionality, thereby enhancing the farmhouse style.

You may even want to consider hiding some of your appliances behind white wooden panels (especially if those appliances are made from stainless steel, which adds a cold, harsh feel that’s out of line with the farmhouse look).

However, a completely white kitchen might feel a little too bland, which is why you’ll want to add a punch of contrast here and there. Adding a few black elements is a great way to do this, whether it’s by using black cabinet hardware, a black faucet for your farmhouse sink, or black pendant light fixtures that hang over your island. If black is too much of a contrast for your taste, copper is a great substitute that retains the warm feeling of a farmhouse ambiance.Adding these farmhouse design elements to your Texas kitchen is a great way to create a more inviting atmosphere in a space that often feels cold and sterile. Be sure to consider the farmhouse style if you plan to renovate your kitchen space or if you’re looking for a new house in San Antonio.



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