The Perfect Home and The Perfect Interior Décor

The best way to design an interior space is to be true to yourself with an organized strategy. The right kind of interior decoration can make a flophouse into a home. Tapestries, pictures, lighting, a lick of paint here or there, a carpet over the scuffed-up floor, some flowers—voila! You’ve got a place worth coming home to.

How Home Décor Can Revitalize Any Living Space

You want interior decorations to expand the space of a given room. To that end, paintings, posters, mirrors, and windows are ideal. A window isn’t always affordable, though, so you’re likely going to rely on artistic solutions.

A mirror is ideal for expanding light and making a room feel larger, but it’s rarely aesthetically interesting or pleasing as a piece of modern art or perhaps a family portrait. Of course, what you decide on will depend on your own proclivities, but there is definitely something to be said for a picture on an empty wall.

A great way to personalize the décor of your apartment is through artistic creations that reflect your own family—even the four-footed members. One such solution that does this is Instapainting: photo to painting, custom hand-painted oil painting—according to their site, all photos are: “100% free-hand painted onto a canvas by a master artist.”

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Personalized solutions like this further serve to bring character to any space. But if you want to have your cake and eat it, double down. Don’t just get a place you’re content with; get a place you want to live in, and then decorate it in a way idiosyncratic to you or your family. Do something unique!

One agency providing exceptional properties nationwide, and specifically in Manhattan, is Carmel Apartments, which features properties offering: “…the quintessential New York City rental experience. Residents indulge in newly redesigned apartments with modern kitchens, baths, and barnwood-style flooring, renovated lobby…” and much more. also offers fine Alexandria apartments that feature: “…garage parking, a rooftop sports court, putting green, fitness center and indoor pool; and an array of floor plans ranging from stylish one-bedroom/one-baths to expansive three-bedroom two-baths.”

Final Considerations

Apartment living can characterize permanent residential solutions or temporary living arrangements, but in either scenario, you want where you live to be comfortable. Your home is your castle, right? Your studiousness in maintaining your living space will actually positively affect you in a psychological way.

The way a person dresses and the way a home looks inside are outward expressions of the mind. If you buy a fine apartment and don’t outfit it with any décor, what does that say about your mind? Or put it another way: what do you think of the bachelor who never decorates his home and eats beans out of a can?

To recap, some great décor tips include making the best of any space you have and personalizing it, using décor to naturally increase how large a space feels, sourcing personalized decoration items to make your living area truly unique, and choosing a living location that compliments your ideas of home décor.

One final note: don’t be afraid of outside input. Because the heart can be deceitful above all else! It thinks it wants something, but really, it’s just feeling a certain way at the moment—if you’ve seen donuts while on a diet, you understand. So don’t be a décor tyrant! Your living companion may have some great decorative ideas, too.



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