4 Surprising Ways Kids Will Improve Your Life

When most people discuss the possibility of having kids, they tend to focus on the negative aspects of parenthood. And, to be fair, there are plenty of reasons why having kids may not be the best idea for you or your partner. For one, kids are crazy expensive. On average, it costs a little over $200,000 to raise a child these days. Not everyone has that sort of money just lying around. In addition, having kids means increased responsibilities, more stress, and less free time. Yet, as we all know, none of these reasons deter couples from starting families. Today, we’ll shine some light on the other side of the parenthood question and explore four surprising ways having kids will make your life better:

Higher Life Satisfaction

In a recent study, researchers found that parents reported a higher life satisfaction than individuals who lived without children. It’s no secret that having a kid can add all sorts of purpose and meaning to your life. No, having a child won’t solve every problem you face (in fact it could create a great many), but it will also increase the joy you experience on a daily basis.

Longer Life Expectancy

On average, parents tend to live about 1.5 to 2 years longer than their peers without kids. Sure, some elements of this data can be chalked up to “correlation” rather than “causation,” but the fact remains that parents do have longer life expectancies.

New Friends, New Experiences

If nothing else, parenthood will force you out of your comfort zone and expose you to new people, places, and experiences. Some of the best friends you may ever make could be fellow parents who send their children to the same school. Also, kids have all sorts of interests and dreams that lead parents to new places all the time. From family road trips when your kids are toddlers, to preparing them for college, there are a host of experiences only parents get to enjoy and cherish.

Extraordinary Moments

Kids are unpredictable. Contrary to popular belief, that isn’t always a bad thing. The reality is that some of the most rewarding moments in a parent’s life revolve around their kids surprising them. Watching your child grow, develop their talents, express kindness and generosity, and achieve their ambitions is a priceless, lifelong delight.

The Bottom Line

Is having kids easy or fun? No, it’s not. But, if you and your partner are ready, it could be the best decision you ever make. Just ensure that you’ve got all of your ducks in a row beforehand –– that includes your finances as well. Lastly, always talk to your doctor if you’re planning to conceive. They’ll be able to advise you and explain if you need to change your diet or require a tuboplasty procedure, for instance. (For more information on tubal ligation repair, visit tuboplasty.com). Remember, though you may not be ready to have kids now, circumstances can always change –– so don’t rule anything out!




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