10 Ways to Be a Better Christian Husband

Are you a Christian husband looking to be an even better husband? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our blog post today will show you 10 ways that you can be an even better Christian husband. So, let’s dig in and see how we can ensure your spouse is always blessed with a loving and supportive partner!

Be the spiritual leader of your home.

The Bible teaches that a husband should be the spiritual leader within his home. This doesn’t mean you have to have all the answers, nor does it mean you impose your beliefs on your spouse; rather, it means taking responsibility for leading your family spiritually and ensuring that the spiritual needs of your wife and children are met. Here are some tips for being a spiritual leader:

  • Pray regularly with and for your family.
  • Set an example of living according to biblical principles.
  • Let God’s word direct how you think, act and speak within your home.
  • Share how God is working in your own life and decisions.
  • Help others in the family cultivate their own walks with Christ by helping them establish their own devotional routines.
  • Schedule regular times of worship as a family or attend church services together whenever possible.
  • Speak words of peace and encouragement to those around you instead of criticism or judgment.
  • Serve others together as a family; set an example of generosity inside and outside the home.
  • Develop meaningful rituals together, like annual vacations or special seasonal dinners, which provide opportunities to discuss spiritual matters in non-threatening ways.
  • Share honest faith conversations with other couples from time to time so you can encourage one another in godly living.

Pray with and for your wife regularly.

Prayer is a powerful source of spiritual growth and a great way to ensure your marriage remains strong and healthy. You should prioritize praying with and for your wife regularly so that God’s spirit may be present in the marriage. Pray specifically for areas you know need improvements, such as communication or emotional health. Praying together helps build intimacy and trust between you both, bringing you closer together in times of uncertainty. Talk about the positive changes you both want to see in each other’s lives and any challenges you face. Not only will praying with your wife bring you closer together spiritually, but it also helps to foster an atmosphere of understanding and support throughout your married life.

Study the Bible together.

Studying the Bible together as a couple is a great way to become spiritually and emotionally closer. It provides an opportunity to learn about Jesus’ teachings and discuss specific issues you and your spouse face together. Make an effort to reset your priorities daily by spending time in the Bible and praying.

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In addition, invest in some quality resources to help you understand the scriptures deeper. This could include books like topical study Bibles, commentary, and concordances, as well as attending a Bible study or Christian marriage class together. Doing a mutual exploration of what is right, good, and true will bring clarity that exponentially strengthens your union with Christ.

Love and respect your wife.

Love and respect are two core characteristics of a successful Christian marriage. Loving your wife means regularly communicating with her and showing her care and appreciation for who she is. Respect for your wife means valuing her opinions, treating her as an equal, and not taking advantage of the power your status as a husband may give you. Ephesians 5:25-33 says that husbands should “love their wives as their own bodies” and “give honor to your wife” in all they do. Furthermore, husbands should understand that their wives have needs outside their own – make sure to seek out those needs and be willing to provide for them when possible. Finally, be intentional in emphasizing the value of your relationship in pursuing God together; focus on individual spiritual growth and mutual spiritual development of one another.

Meet her needs.

Every day we are faced with opportunities to recognize and meet our wife’s needs. It can be a simple act of taking out the trash or helping around the house, which makes her life a little bit easier. We should also consider her emotional needs, such as listening and encouraging her throughout the day. Intentionally carving out time each day to connect with your wife and make her feel valued can go a long way in strengthening your relationship.

We must also consider if particular areas need some extra attention. Such as attending worship services or studying together to nurture faith growth. Showing genuine care and consideration for what brings fulfillment in her life can be one of the most rewarding things you do for your marriage. Your efforts toward meeting your wife’s spiritual, physical, and emotional needs will demonstrate how much you love and cherish her.

Serve her and your family.

A Christian husband has a responsibility to serve his wife and family. Showing love, respect, and care for your spouse are important. This means helping around the house, participating in the children’s activities, and prioritizing time together as a family. As husbands, God calls and empowers us to lead our families in faith and devotion. This can include praying together and other spiritual practices that enhance the relationship within the family unit. We should also remain mindful of our words when talking or talking about our families, as Christ calls us to speak with gentleness and humility. Christian men must strive to be faithful stewards of all under our blessing, ensuring everyone’s needs are met with kindness and respect. Our example of how we treat others will be reflected within the home and strengthen others’ faith in Christ. Therefore, serving one’s wife and family is one of the most important aspects a Christian husband must embrace each day for a life pleasing to God Almighty!

Be patient and kind.

Patience and kindness are essential components of any marriage. Everyday problems such as a messy house, financial problems, and disagreements with one another can all cause stress in the relationship. It is important to remember that these inevitable disagreements make a strong marriage. As a Christian husband, you must be patient when dealing with your spouse and understand when they don’t make sense. Being patient allows you to understand your spouse better, which can help the relationship. A kind attitude also creates mutual respect, which is the foundation for any healthy marriage. Being kind to each other means continuing to show love, despite any disagreements or issues that may arise. It also means that you make sure that neither of you is taking advantage of the other in any way. As a Christian husband, exhibiting patience and kindness towards your spouse should always be kept in mind as it promotes love, trust, and respect within the relationship

Be humble.

Being humble as a Christian husband is essential for developing a healthy and satisfying marriage. Show your wife that you recognize your human limitations and situations in which you could have done better and be willing to learn from your mistakes. Humbly acknowledge that your actions are imperfect, but reassure her that you will always strive to do your best. Knowing her worth and having an attitude of thankfulness will help show her the love and respect she deserves. Additionally, having humility can act as an example to your kids, teaching them how to be generous and humble themselves to have healthier relationships with others.

Seek God’s will for your marriage.

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As a Christian husband, it is important to seek God’s guidance for your marriage and be guided by scripture. Take time to pray for yourself and your spouse, asking for wisdom and guidance as you make decisions in your life together. Rely on God’s will instead of relying solely on tradition or your opinions. Consider studying Scripture daily with devotionals relevant to marriage life and discuss how the things you read can help point you towards His plan for your life together. When faced with a difficult decision or situation, turn first to the Bible and let His word guide how you interact with each other. Finally, pray continuously for the strength to follow God’s instructions. Let Him direct each step of the journey ahead of you as husband and wife by seeking wisdom and direction through prayerful consideration.

Be a Godly example to your children.

Children often look to their parents for cues on how to live and what is important. As a Christian husband and father, you have an obligation to do everything you can to honor God in your home. Provide your children with godly examples of love that center on the teachings of Jesus. Demonstrate the values you want them to learn, such as honesty, faithfulness, and integrity. Regularly read bible stories with your children so they can understand biblical teachings. Also, take the time to talk about how God has impacted your own life experiences for them to understand your faith better. Spend quality time together doing activities that display biblical principles or support faith development, such as attending church or volunteering at a food pantry or soup kitchen. Most importantly, they strive to be consistent in all areas of family life so that they understand the importance of cherishing their faith.




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