Zeva’s First 4th of July

Zeva is like me and does NOT like fireworks at all. She didn’t cry, but she doesn’t usually cry over things that frighten her. Her body language tells everything she’s feeling. She was trembling and was trying to be brave, but after about ten minutes of fireworks she rolled over and buried her head in my body. She flinched every time another firework was lit. Now, she may out grow this dislike since in the years to come she won’t have my own personal body language telling her something about fireworks.

I went and hid in the gazebo on the deck on the rocking chair with Zeva. I listened to all three of my boys delight (Yes, I said three. Del becomes like a little kid over fireworks!!) The boys were trying to via over who was getting the best spot on the deck to see the fireworks. Every year, something different happens to make it interesting. I won’t go into details because I don’t want to risk causing any issues. However, we gain a new memory every 4th and New Year’s here.

Sometimes the best memories are the ones we create as a family. Today, while re watching Mirror, Mirror from beginning to end. Zeva and I were stretched out on the floor because she was literally practicing learning how to stand up and walk. Well, she fell asleep curled up in my arms, and Jimmy and Delbert were doing everything in their power to try and figure out a way to be curled up with me too and holding my hands. It made me feel so utterly good!! Both of my boys love to get/give hugs and kisses and cuddle. I know the day will come all to soon that they won’t enjoy it, but I’m enjoying every minute of it now while it lasts. Del made his ham feast as usual, so I haven’t had to cook hardly at all this week.

We’re finishing out our day by watching Nanny McPhee Returns, which is a wonderful movie!!! The boys love watching it each time we have the chance.

I hope that you had a wonderful family day today. Thank you so much to those who have/do serve to protect our freedoms so that we have the opportunity to enjoy our family day.




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