A Thousand Words- Movie Review

This movie started out a little slower than I expected it to be. However, once it got started, it turned into what I expected out of an “Eddie Murphy movie” (as I classify any movie with him in it.) I haven’t seen to many movies with Eddie Murphy in it that wasn’t funny in some form or fashion. This one definitely followed suit. However, it had a more serious tone throughout the entire movie even during the funny parts.

Jimmy said, “It was a little funny. It was great.” He enjoyed watching it. He stayed completely focused on it. It did have some language in it that made me flinch some, but cussing seems to be in every movie now a days.

Delbert said, “I liked it.” He didn’t stay overly focused on it though. So, I guess you have to be old enough to understand the effect one’s words have on others to appreciate this movie.

I liked it, but didn’t have the amount of comedy I’ve come to associate with Eddie Murphy. It is more drama than comedy in my book. 😉



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  1. I agree my kids didn’t really understand the overall message of this film. I think the most they got out of it was slap stick laughter that you can always count on with Eddie Murphy movies! It was funny and I agree I could have done without the cursing. My coworker at Dish suggested this movie and I’m glad they did! We didn’t leave the house to watch this, we rented it on Dishonline.com. It was convenient as we were even able to watch it on the lap top.


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