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We were given the chance to review Junior Analytical Grammar from Analytical Grammar in exchange for an honest blog review as a part of the SchoolHouse Review Crew. That in no way shaped our opinion of this product.

Analytical Grammar Review
Jimmy had a very rough fourth grade year because Del was at work more than he was home, and I was here left with all three kids trying to juggle everything. As a horrible result, Jimmy nor Delbert got the homeschooling attention that I’ve been able to give them in the years past even with Zeva in the midst of it all. I felt horrible, and was eager to get this product to help fill in the gaps that I felt Jimmy’s Homeschool grammar education was filled with.

When I checked out Analytical Grammar’s website the first time, I was very pleased with the fact that I was going to be in the running to get the Junior Analytical Grammar workbook for Jimmy because I knew it would help him with learning the parts of speech and it was designed with fourth and fifth graders in mind.

This is a handy Homeschool grammar  workbook because it literally is broken down into eleven sections. Each section focuses on learning a new concept and using the other parts that have already been learned together. I literally felt like I was able to give it to Jimmy and tell him to do a section at a time and I’d review what he did. Each section is equipped with the breakdown of the parts of speech, five sentence patterns, and parts of a sentence. They have literally given a nice overview of all of these sections for your student to read and learn with prime examples.

Independent Homeschool Grammar Workbook

I didn’t feel like I had to hold Jimmy’s hand while he did this workbook. When he was confused or seemed lost on a particular section, then I could jump in and help him using the Teacher Book which provides me with the answers and the same set of notes that he was given to learn the new material. This allows me to be able to know the wording that they have used, and I am able to change it to where he can understand it better. Some of the concepts can be a bit tricky to grasp, and I had forgotten many of the little rules myself.

Jimmy didn’t gripe and complain while doing this workbook at all. By the time he was done with all 11 sections, he felt more confident in his knowledge. In fact, after he finished his workbook he couldn’t wait to ‘teach’ his brother what he had finally grasped thanks to doing the tasks in this workbook.

The Cost

You can buy both the student and teacher Junior Analytical set for $39.95 or you can just buy the Junior Analytical Grammar workbook by itself for $19.95. I personally would recommend getting both books because it makes it easier to explain things in a different manner. Plus it makes it easier to check your child’s work.

Analytical Grammar Review

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