The 20 Minute Ramble

(Written at 8:40-9pm on 7/24, but I didn’t want to overload you with posts)

This is just a random blog post just to get things off my mind. There’s no rhyme nor reason behind it other than to be a writer for just 20 minutes. This may bore you to tears or enlighten you a bit more about myself that you may not have learned throughout the last three and a half years.

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for over three years and I have yet to really bring out my deep dark secrets to the world. I’ve always been more outspoken as a writer than I have been in person with anyone EXCEPT Del. Del has been the only living human being that I’ve trusted enough to be completely myself with.

I finally got my Keurig machine in the mail to review for 3 Boys and a Dog, and I’m super-duper excited to share my experience with it to the world. I am in love. However, now I know what my new addiction is going to be.

I love how McDonald’s chocolate chip frappe’ makes me feel. Yet, after two cups of coffee from this lovely machine I gain that same feeling FROM home. My husband had the nerve to tell me that I was wired today and he LOVED it. My kids were extremely happy to see it too. Go figure my family would rather see me wired than calm and collected.

To quote my husband and my kids, you’re more cheerful and easier going when you’re wired. When you’re not wired, you act like you’re always on edge and you snap way too quickly. You know what, I hate myself when I’m like that. I LOVE the feeling of being wired and full of energy. I love being so excited that the thought of eating a lot of food makes me sick. I love being able to knock out several projects in a timely manner. All of those things and more happen when I’m in this wired state.

The ironic thing is I’ve had my third cup of coffee now and I know I’ve had my fill of coffee for the day, and I’ll be just fine for the rest of the day. Granted it only takes one large frappe’ to give me the same effect, but this coffee bit is so much more fun because I get enjoy a flavor I love. (I’m not telling that until my big blog review on August 2nd.)

I love everything about blogging. I do have my moments where I get burned out and wonder what they hang I started. However, the good far out weight the bad. My family loves that I do it, and is fully behind me. Shoot, Del’s given me permission to share anything I want to share on here. The kids love the “feeling of being famous.” However, I know there will come a day when they may not feel that way. Yet, Jimmy has his blog name picked out, and I believe when we get the funds I’m going to get him his own blog and let him run with it. I’ll teach him all I know. In the meantime though, I’m going to turn him into my intern. Wonder what he’ll say to that one? He’ll have to be my intern and stick with it for six months and then he can have his blog. Yea, that’s a good compromise. Then he’ll know just how much work is involved with it. He can decide if it’s worth it. After all blogging isn’t just write it and post it if you want to be big with it.

I feel like I’ve started to find myself again in the past year. It’s happening in little bits and pieces, but it’s happening all the same. I’m no longer filled with fear. I’m not longer filled with insecurity. Shoot, I started to have a bit of insecurity the other day, and I’m very proud to say that my level headed mind WON! It completely utterly won. My insecurity went away just as fast as it came up. Do you know how refreshing that was for me?? No, you probably have no clue since you don’t know just how bad of an issue that was for me.

I’m super excited to be going to Nashville, TN to be a part of the VeggieTales event. Yea, did I mention that VeggieTales is coming out with a new movie called Celery Fever. Now if you know my kids, then you know how excited they are for this movie to come out. VeggieTales is an awesome little program for kids. I’m honored to be a part of their event in August.

As far as Netflix goes, my husband has been HOGGING all of the unlimited Internet that we have to watch his shows on Netflix. He’s been watching Numbers like it’s going out of style. He’s watched several other movies too, but he always goes back to Numbers. I did convince him to watch a small bit of Eureka for me. I’d love to watch that season all over again. Every time I watch it I see something else I missed in the small details.

Life has been good here, but steady. I feel like I’m constantly working, but I have made it a new rule that I’m taking Sundays off to just relax. If I do any blogging work it’s just minor stuff. Nothing major will be done on Sundays anymore concerning my computer. It’s all about the family and relaxation (or helping Del with his projects.) Either way, I’m stepping away from the computer as much as possible.)

Well, there you have my twenty minutes of ramble.

Ramble for me, tell me what’s going on in your world.





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