Will You Let Snoring Destroy Your Relationship?

It might seem weird to think that something like snoring could ruin a relationship. We all know that fights, arguing, money stress, in-laws, and even stress related to being parents can put a strain on our intimate relationships. We also know that things like infidelity, not having common interests, and not spending quality time together can also hurt them.

So how does snoring fit into this?

Well, let’s take a minute to talk about this.

Believe it or not, snoring could actually do more to harm your relationship than most people ever realize. In fact, sometimes snoring is part of an underlying problem that blows up into other things… and people get so caught up in the ‘other stressors’ that they completely fail to notice how something as simple as snoring was a strong root-contributor to the problem.

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Here is a scenario that might describe at least a little bit of what I am talking about.

An Example Of How Snoring Could Impact Your Relationship

Keep in mind that this is just one very typical, but possible example. Snoring could affect your relationship in a multitude of ways. This is just one possibility that serves to show you that snoring can, in fact, sometimes be to blame (or at least be a factor) for more serious relationship problems.

There is a husband and a wife who sleep together. They are happily married. But over time, the husband gains weight and develops a snoring problem. At first, it is just annoying to the wife. But then she has children, and she becomes sleep deprived. She has to get up with the baby in the middle of the night, she has to get up earlier, she goes to bed later, etc.

The husband may or may not also be sleep deprived… but his snoring problem continues. And now, the wife is so sleep deprived that she literally cannot afford to have her sleep ruined or affected by his snoring.

So what does she do?

One night, she is desperately in need of sleep and goes to bed late after her child finally falls asleep… only to toss and turn for half an hour because of her husband’s snoring.

So instead of dealing with it, on this particular night, she decides to sleep on the couch instead.

Over time, this becomes more and more of a habit for her… because it allows her to sleep better. But the husband starts to notice, and realizes that this starts to affect their intimacy. They do not cuddle as much anymore. They are no longer intimate as often. They no longer wake up together, etc.

Now, at this point, they could choose to buy a stop snoring device and fix the problem. But the snoring often becomes an overlooked factor. Instead, he might blame her for not wanting to sleep with him, and she might be frustrated, or even a bit resentful… saying that it is not fair that she should have to deal with the snoring (or his lack of empathy for her problem).

He might question why she ‘doesn’t love him’ as much as she used to, and this may start to cause arguments.

This can lead to resentment. Eventually, one of them might move into the spare bedroom and just forget sleeping together at all. This might make the rift between them even worse – and eventually lead, more or less, to a complete lack of intimacy of any kind.

This will likely lead to one or both of them feeling depressed and lonely… and may create a ‘need’ for intimacy that neither of them are filling for each other.

Things have just gotten so out of control that they do not know how to fix it… and they may even start to drift apart as partners, growing more distanced and less connected than ever.

In Summary

This is obviously a stereotypical example that does not represent everyone. It is, however, an example of a problem that many couples do actually struggle with, to some degree, at some point or another.

But many people do not realize that snoring plays a much bigger role in such problems than they ever thought possible. They also fail to realize that, had they solved the snoring problem, there may have been a chance to avoid all of the subsequent trouble that they ended up going through.

Snoring could, literally, ruin a relationship if the wrong things happen in the wrong order.

What about you? Are you going to let snoring destroy your relationship? Or are you going to take matters into your own hands and fix it?

The choice is definitely yours.




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