How to Build a Healthy Relationship?

Generally, it’s the first question each woman tries to answer before starting a relationship. We do this because of all those disappointments we previously met on our way. We do this because we want to feel safe and never get hurt anymore. Each of us has an imaginary ideal we dream of meeting in real life. Someone meets him on their way home, others on Facebook, and some even on dating sites. Maybe your prince is waiting for you somewhere so near that you don’t even notice him?

We get stuck on our dreams, goals, and plans so often that we don’t see the world around us. So if you want to find someone who will love and appreciate you, you should start with yourself.

Look around

Pay more attention to the people surrounding you: your workmates, neighbors, and friends. Spend more time together, meet new people and discover new places. Don’t get stuck on the idea that you are alone. Enjoy your life. Usually, the most pleasant moments come up when we expect them.

Stop blaming yourself

You are sure that all your disappointments in love happened because of you, aren’t you? Forget it! Everybody on this earth gets through the pain of the first love, the second one, and the third… There’s no concrete date when you will meet the true love of your life. So, be patient and wait for it. Start treating these disappointments as good lessons before a beautiful adventure comes up.

Forget your last experience

When starting a new relationship, women make the same big mistake: they compare their new boyfriend with their ex. Leave the memories behind. The past cannot be changed, so enjoy the present and start thinking positively of tomorrow. Our difficulties teach us to get stronger and overcome new ones. So learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them.

Don’t expect too much

We are humans. So we cannot be perfect. That’s why the ideal man your imagination has painted may not be so perfect in the reality. Be ready to meet a real person with his talents and defects. Accept them all, and he will accept yours. A true, healthy relationship is based on compromises. That’s why respecting the limits is important: don’t underestimate or overestimate the person you love. It’s better to make beautiful, realizable plans to make your love live forever.

When you expect too much from a person, as usual, it’s a double deception: on the one hand, you are disappointed in the person you trusted, and on the other hand – you start blaming yourself. Again.

Relationships are like plants: if you want them to grow into flowers, you should take care of them. But remember that too much sun and water can also destroy it. So listen to your heart.

What advice would you add to this list on how to build a healthy relationship?



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