All You Need to Know About Creating the Ultimate Super Hero Bedroom

Every child dreams of becoming a superhero. If your kid loves the idea of fighting crime and injustice, as well as being confident and brave, why not give them the ultimate superhero bedroom?

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With a bundle of posters, bed sheets and a coat of paint you will be surprised at that magic you can create. Here we have put together a guide on how you can create a superhero’s HQ from your child’s bedroom.

Begin with the paint

Ask your child who their favourite superhero and get the walls painted the same colour as their costume. You could go green for the Hulk, yellow and black for Batman or blue and red for Superman. Your nearest DIY store will easily be able to offer you the exact colour match. You could paint the entire room this colour or just go for an accent wall.


Put up some superhero posters, they are easily available online or in the shops. Although your walls will only have one superhero colour, you can add posters featuring as many superheroes’ as you like. Minimalist posters would look great for this style of bedroom.

Bed sheets

Of course, this is one of the most important parts of a superhero bedroom. Superhero bedding with prints of your child’s favourite superhero is a must have. If your child struggles with the idea of having only one favourite, then get bedding with prints of different superhero’s and give the bedroom a different look each week. If you are looking to give your child a complete bedroom revamp, grab them one of Divan Beds Centre – zip link beds. They can be separated into two beds for when your little superhero has a sleepover.


Just like the bedding, this is a must-have. You can buy superhero printed curtains and change them every time you change your bed sheets if you want to keep in with a theme. Or simply just have one pair of each and match them together giving the room a balanced look.

Superhero rug

A superhero rug will not only complete the look but it will add warmth too. You could go for a rug in the shape of Captain America’s shield or the Batman logo – simply place the rug by the side of the bed for them to step on when they get up.

Themed bookshelf

A custom-made bookshelf in the shape of a superhero sign is a great idea. You can either make one yourself over the weekend or if you’re not quite up to the challenge, look for a professional to do it. Your little one will love the fact they can organise their books in this amazing bookshelf that has been made just for them.


To create some cheap and eye-catching decorations get you some superhero masks from a costume shop, add some nails to the wall – high up and out of reach and then secure the masks on them. This will create some really great looking contemporary superhero artwork.

If you need a little more inspiration on how to style your child’s bedroom, then check out a site such as Pinterest for all the superhero bedroom inspiration you need.



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