Why Artificial Grass is Moving from Sports Fields, To Beautiful Garden Design

Artificial turf surfaces are something you may mostly associate with sports fields. Surfaces using fake grass can give a similar texture to playing a sport on real grass, and the same look for spectators, but with far less of the maintenance, and it can also be easily removed or re-laid to create surfaces for different sports with different needs. In the USA, many of the biggest and best-known sports stadiums have artificial turf as the standard for most games played on them, but it is also used all over the world for leisure fields and recreational sports settings for non-professionals!

An interesting development in terms of this is that in recent years, artificial grass has become more popular for domestic garden use, with companies like Grono leading the way in authentic looking, high-end artificial turf.

Here we look at why this method of getting a lawn is becoming so popular:

Instant Appeal

One of the reasons why artificial grass has started to appear more in home gardens is that it allows the homeowner or designer to get the lawn they want instantly, rather than having to wait for the grass to grow. It is also easier to shape and lay than real grass turf, so even pre-grown grass can’t compete when it comes to getting the perfect looking lawn instantly.

It Saves Water in Summer

While you may not immediately think that fake grass could be better for the environment, it does actually help save a lot of water. In summer, keeping a grass looking green and beautiful requires regular watering, and if there is a dry summer and water conservation measures like hosepipe and sprinkler bans are in place, it can be pretty much impossible. With artificial grass, this isn’t a concern, though it is designed to still drain rain water properly and not to become hazardously slippery when wet.

Long Lasting Good Looks

High-quality artificial grass can last as long as 20 years, and during that time, there is virtually no maintenance to do. Mowing the lawn can become a real chore in the warmer months when grass grows quickly, so fake grass allows people to enjoy their lawns without sacrificing hours of their free time in summer to keep it looking neat and prevent it getting overgrown or interspersed with weeds.

No Hay Fever!

Lawns may be beautiful and comfortable to lie on or play games on a sunny day, but if you have hay fever that is triggered by grass in some times of the year it can make you quite miserable! An artificial lawn does not create these problems, so you can spend more time enjoying your garden without a runny nose and itchy eyes!

Offering instant great looks, virtually no maintenance, and plenty of time and water savings, it is quite easy to see why modern gardens are starting to use more and more artificial lawn grass. If you are considering improving your garden for summer 2016, it may be a trend worth looking at!




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  1. I love this post! With all of the drought issues we had last summer it makes sense to switch over to artificial grass. I also never thought about it getting rid of allergy issues! Awesome point!

  2. No doubt, artificial grass growing its popularity rapidly. The Question is why people are so much interested to this? There are many good reasons but, your four points is considering more vital. Long lasting good looking is key in my sense though some are pointed out about environmental issues.


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