What you need to know when buying property in Turkey for the purpose of moving

Turkey is traditionally in demand among foreigners. People come here not only for seasonal holidays. Also, property with sea view in Turkey is purchased by those who plan to change their usual living conditions. Among the popular regions of the country, the leading positions are occupied by Alanya, Antalya, and Mahmutlar. Housing in Istanbul is no less in demand. Let’s figure out what points you need to pay attention to and how not to miss the important things in choosing a property, buying it, and preparing for the move.

Where to begin

Experts recommend studying not only theory but also practice. Not a single most colorful description of a district or a city will allow one to form an impression corresponding to reality. Despite the widespread use of online transactions, according to Turk.Estate, most potential buyers want to see the selected property visually, which can be done during the study tour. If there are doubts about which area to buy housing in, it is best to come to the country on a tourist visa and get acquainted with the region’s features on the spot. It is most convenient to plan a visit in the off-season or winter:

There is no influx of tourists, which allows you to see the real life in the region. Including understanding what the infrastructure looks like outside the active demand for services from vacationers.

Housing prices are lower. The absence of excessive demand allows you to book a suitable option for any budget just a few days before departure.

The main mistakes of beginners

Often, potential buyers, first of all, pay attention to the proximity of housing to the sea and the degree of its comfort. In practice, you need to set broader goals that affect the future quality of life. It is important to consider the following:

  • District infrastructure. Proximity to hospitals and social institutions. If a student grows up in a family, the issue of choosing an educational institution is no less relevant. It should be in close proximity since taking a child to school across the city and then picking him up is a dubious pleasure.
  • Internal layout. The number of bedrooms calculates the number of rooms. The hall is an addition. Equally important is the format of the kitchen. The so-called “American” involves combining with the living room, which is not convenient for everyone.
  • Proximity to mosques. Representatives of other faiths do not always like the early call to prayer, which is carried out at dawn.

Features of a particular residential complex if it is not about acquiring individually located housing. The more additional services, such as a gym, a swimming pool, and walking areas, the higher the fee for housing maintenance.

Before buying, it is desirable to have a clear idea of what services will be important and for which you will have to pay nothing.

Assistance in acquiring real estate

When it is increasingly possible to come across fraudulent schemes, a quite reasonable question arises as to whom it is better to contact to avoid miscalculating in matters of real estate acquisition. It is necessary to rely only on trusted companies that have proven their worth with their work and positive feedback from regular customers. Of course, this is the site Turk.Estate, is an aggregator with which you can select real estate in Turkey for sale and rent. At the same time, this can be done directly by developers and by considering options from individuals or real estate agencies.

It has long been known and obvious to many that investing in real estate is one of the surest ways to save your money and increase it to a large extent.

When deciding to buy a home, experts recommend focusing not on the time of year but on the state of the real estate market. The cost of apartments in new buildings does not decrease in the winter season, and this is typically only for rent. Therefore, you should not postpone the execution of the transaction in the hope that the chosen apartment or house will become cheaper in winter. You can get acquainted with profitable offers right now.



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