Investing in Your Child’s Financial Education: From Piggy Banks to Portfolios

Many parents give their children piggy banks to inculcate the habit of saving money. Although the piggy bank is an old way of saving for children, there are new, more innovative solutions for children. 

Teaching children financial literacy can be frustrating and difficult for parents themselves, luckily there are numerous apps designed to train and teach children all areas of financial literacy. 

If you googled the term “the best kids debit card”, but were confused by the amount of various information, don’t worry, this article is for you.

Pros and cons of piggy banks

Piggy banks are usually designed for younger children to inspire them to save their own money by leaving it in a piggy bank. There are also many disadvantages when it comes to this option because children can take out money if they need it. In most cases, parents do not know how much their children have saved and whether they are cheating or taking money out of the piggy bank when necessary.

Explain to them the origin of the money

Numerous surveys have shown that children already have a concept of money at the age of 4, however, a small percentage of children understand the origin of the money and how it is earned. You have to clarify to them that money is earned through hard work and that it must be respected and the money must be used sensibly. Some children think that money is plentiful and that every time their parents approach an ATM, there will be money in their account. Which we all know is not true.

Do not make money a taboo topic in your family, on the contrary, let it be a safe place for children to learn and gradually master financial aspects.

Parents, be an example

It is crucially important that parents set an example for their children when it comes to dealing with money. Parents must be careful about how they talk about money and how they treat money in front of their children.

Get them a kid’s credit card

One of the best ways to teach children all aspects of financial literacy while developing various skills is through credit cards for kids. This tool is designed to educate children about money, from executing a savings plan, investing in companies, spending, earning, and donating money to those who need help the most. After the parents provide all the necessary information, the account can be activated immediately as soon as the parents deposit funds into the account and the boom is ready for use.

One option was also added called the table of activities and obligations. What is specific about these tables is that they are easily adaptable to all children, parents can make special tables for household chores, and curricular and extracurricular activities.

Various different options

You have to be careful here since there are many different options for this type of credit card, some are verified and safe, while some options are unsafe for children because they share private information on the Internet. Following your financial possibilities, you will choose the one that best suits you and your family.

Investment and portfolio development

Some options offer over 200 different companies and brands in which children can invest. What is interesting for children is that when they invest money, they can monitor the state of the shares, i.e. whether the shares are falling, growing, or stagnating. Many children invest money in companies they know, such as famous brands like Adidas, Apple, and Netflix. However, children must develop and expand their portfolios over time.

Children who gradually learn how to invest money eventually start researching and learning about different types of industries on their own so that they can invest in them. If the children want to learn more, you can bring them together to talk to professionals in the investment field to give them advice, instruct them on what to do and what not to do, and teach them some things that their parents cannot know.


It is very important to emphasize that you let the children decide for themselves how and in which stocks they will invest their money and how they will develop their future portfolio. Apart from that, it is also extremely important to teach children to be socially considerate and aware of the environment around them, and not to brag about money because not everyone is as lucky as them to have a roof over their head, a warm home, and food every day.




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