Thinking of Buying a Vacation Home? Here’s Why We Decided to Buy a Timeshare Instead!

My wife and I really look forward to our vacation each year. It gives us a chance to break away from the day-to-day same old stuff and we get to have adventures with our children. Can we have a round of applause for vacation! Yay!

In the past, we used to rent a hotel room for the family, but this has gotten more challenging as the kids have gotten older. For the past two vacations, we’ve rented a vacation house for a week. Lately, we’ve been talking about whether or not we should buy a timeshare.

I’ve done quite a bit of research on the matter over the past few weeks and I was surprised to learn the many benefits of buying into a timeshare. For one, you only pay for the portion of the house that you actually use. Since we can only take a few weeks off each year, it doesn’t make sense for us to own a home or condo that sits empty most of the time. Besides the mortgage payment, the maintenance costs would really add up. With a timeshare, we’d only be purchasing the chunk of time we actually use the home for vacation.

Another thing I love about the idea of a timeshare is that we’ll know where we’re heading for vacation every year. While I enjoy visiting new places, we always feel like we don’t get the chance to thoroughly explore any one place before it’s time to go. Visiting the same place each year will give us the opportunity to really get to know it from a local’s perspective.

Timeshares also give us quite a bit of flexibility. If we can’t take time off or decide to travel somewhere else, we can allow friends or family stay in our timeshare during our block of time. We can also rent it out and recoup our money if we need to do so.

While we haven’t made a final decision on where we’ll buy, after looking into the matter, I can almost certainly say that a timeshare is in our future!



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