What There is to Know About Employment Screening in Georgia

As the world economy becomes more and more competitive, employers are looking for any edge they can get to set themselves apart from the competition. One way that many businesses are achieving this is by conducting employment screenings on potential employees.

Employment screenings can provide businesses with a variety of information about potential employees, including drug addiction. In this case, companies will want to know about Georgia employee drug testing laws, when in this part of the US, for instance.

Employment screening everywhere can include:

Drug Screening

Before you employ someone in Georgia, it makes sense to screen them for drug use. Drug screening can help protect your business and employees by ensuring that those who are hired are not using drugs illegally. There are several drug screening options available, so be sure to choose the one that is best suited for your business. This is whether you go for urine, hair, or blood test screening to potentially detect drug use among staff.

Background Check

A background check is another important element of employment screening. This type of check can help you to determine if an applicant has a criminal history or if they have any outstanding warrants. Background checks can also help you to verify an applicant’s employment history and education.

The person you are hiring must have the ability to do the job and so everything they tell you will need to be the truth. You can verify this as an employer by asking for certificates that prove a candidate’s qualifications. Beware of fake documents. So, to further check, or where qualifications are lacking, you could have an applicant take an aptitude test. Typically, office staff will be given typing tests to prove their accuracy and speed on a keyboard.

Reference Check

Another important part of employment screening is the reference check. This type of check allows you to contact an applicant’s previous employers and personal references to get a better idea of their work history and character.

References should be viewed with care for their accuracy or ulterior motives. Also, what one person’s opinion is might not necessarily be the same as that of another.

Apart from asking for a reference from the person’s last place of work, it is useful to also request a character reference from someone that has known them for many years. This will give a good overall opinion on the type of person applying for the position. This can hold many clues as to how they will go about their job when they are faced with perhaps different problems to those they encountered in previous employment.

Credit Check

A credit check is another element of employment screening that can be beneficial for businesses. This type of check can help you determine if an applicant is financially responsible and whether or not they have any outstanding debts.

If the job is in finance or about investment, you will want them to be good with figures and handling money.

Also, if a person gets themselves into debt easily, their problems at home could become a distraction to their work. Cases of theft in many workplaces have resulted from an employee struggling to survive financially. This is as well as someone trying to fuel a drug habit. This makes it important to arrange drug screening and run a credit check.

Employment screening can be a valuable tool for businesses in Georgia and everywhere. By conducting drug screenings, background checks, reference checks, and credit checks on potential employees, businesses can ensure that they are hiring the best possible people for the job. These types of checks can help businesses to protect their employees and themselves from potential harm. If you are looking to conduct employment screenings in Georgia, be sure to contact a professional screening company. Screening companies can help you to choose the right type of screening for your business and can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your potential employees.



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