What To Do In a Bicycle Accident

Are you looking for a lawyer specializing in bicycle accidents? Well, you must call a lawyer after a bicycle accident. Why? For one, you need good legal representation so that your rights are respected. You also will need a lawyer to help you seek and obtain the appropriate compensation. After a bicycle accident, it is very common for many questions to arise, especially because cyclists do not have insurance, so they feel unprotected when suffering from an accident. An attorney will be able to answer one of the most frequently asked questions, which is “When should I call a bicycle accident lawyer?”

Bicycle Accidents

Traffic accidents in which one or more cyclists are involved can be quite complex. Cyclists are a weak part in the scope of movement and transportation, as well as pedestrians, as they do not have the mandatory coverage of an insurance company. Cyclists, for these cases, can count on the support of a personal injury lawyer, in the event there was an accident. The circumstances that occur in a traffic accident in which a cyclist is involved are the same as traffic accidents between motor vehicles. The main characteristic of a cyclist is the means of travel used: a vehicle without a motor that can circulate on the same roads as the motor ones.

The Differences

The primary difference is the harmful result, that is, the material damage as well as the personal injuries suffered by the victim. Thus, we see that all the normal circumstances of accidents will be met. First, there will be a person responsible for the accident, a reason that caused the collision, and a harmful outcome in most cases.

As for the fault, the percentage of it that can be attributed to each subject will be relevant in this case. It is not the same with the cyclist as it is with the driver of the vehicle. It is not as if the cyclist is driving recklessly, at high speed, or between vehicles. Therefore, it will be necessary to take into account the part of responsibility attributable to each subject involved in the accident. If the other party is completely responsible for the accident, the cyclist will be entitled to full financial compensation for the damages suffered.

What To Bear In Mind?

It should be borne in mind that it is a special circumstance to ride a bicycle on the same roads as motor vehicles. The cyclist must comply with a series of rules so that it adapts as best as possible to the context of driving motor vehicles. Among the obligations to be fulfilled is the use of the helmet, lighting, signage, location on the road, distances, speed, etc. The cyclist could be in legal trouble if these rules are not adhered to. The motor vehicle has a different set of rules to abide by, which is more strict and has more liabilities, especially in the case of an accident with a cyclist. 


If you find yourself in an accident with a motor vehicle while riding your bicycle, be aware that you have legal rights to be compensated. It is recommended that you seek medical help first and then speak to a qualified lawyer, like those found at JMLawyer.com.



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